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10/27/2008 c14 2Sarthim
Pardon when I said five years, I meant four...
10/27/2008 c11 Sarthim
Fast foward five years as I am writing this...I'm sure you hate the Colts even more than you did as you were writing this chapter...
10/27/2008 c10 Sarthim
I really hope that you were joking when you said that Minnesota could be near Alaska...maybe you were and I just missed the sarcasm but Minnesota is NOT near Alaska.
10/27/2008 c9 Sarthim
Hah hah...you really thought a lot of things through...
10/27/2008 c2 Sarthim
I'm surprised that you didn't mention the Celtics all that much...and I can tell that you are very passionate about your teams...I admire that in any sports fan even though I don't root for any of the teams that you've talked about.
10/29/2004 c14 1ezra504
Just rubbing it in...Nah, Boston deserved to win. If they could beat out everyone else and beat the Series, they deserve it. It's just some of the more smug fans I'm worried about.
10/20/2004 c1 Steven Lawrence
D, I emailed you man...havent heard back. Hoping to get your cell phone number so I can call you at the end of this thing. Dont know how else to get in touch, hoping this does it...email me back ASAP...def gotta call you bro.

5/29/2004 c13 Curtis
Buddy o'pal, after nine hours of work, I come home and read this... and I say. It was almost as scary as the south. Well not quite, however, Im in the unfortenant position where the Twins arent even on TV here. Something to do with it's TV contract... bastards.

However, why you were pondering extreme poker. I was pondering extreme sports.. or more of their videogames. Since Tony Hawk skater series has gone to the max, I thought of something new for it. Tony Hawk Pro Skater Urban Assualt, think about it, you could do a kick flipp 900 M-16 Skinny Blaster.

On other knews... heh, I cant wait for the foriegn sports.

-C Shot
5/28/2004 c1 Curtis
Hey man... err, start writing again. I need a none political event to bitch about again. Ye know... like the media's baisness towards the Wolves (basketball) or how the media just doesnt play the Twins...

But thats on the home front. I seriously want to hear your insight in the gayful sport of... drum roll... Fooseball, I mean, I know some pretty wicked shots... err, good bye now.

C Shot- but you can call me Cutis
3/17/2004 c10 2ESC's escapes
Oh, You're cruel. The Minnesota Wild are an expansion franchise, it is not fair to judge them against the Bruins, they're one of the Original Six! Give the Minnesota Wild some time and then you can rip them.
3/17/2004 c9 ESC's escapes
Yay! I don't live in Philly, I'm not a traitor! I follow the Carolina Hurricanes avidly now... No ironed jerseys, but it's a pain in the backside to try to get a Canes hat here..
3/17/2004 c8 ESC's escapes
*eye twitches* Kill Hillary Clinton! I hate the Yanks, but not as much as I hate her. She's much worse than Bill Clinton even, she could double as the Devil if he needed a day off!
3/17/2004 c7 ESC's escapes
LMAO! My pal plays paintball, he's been trying to get me to play too. Maybe I will, I like shooting things. Long live the Republican paintballers!
3/17/2004 c2 ESC's escapes
All New York teams suck! I'm a Philly fan, and I might disput this with you, but I'm not presently in the mood.
3/17/2004 c1 ESC's escapes
True Dat! I love hockey, soccer pales in comparison. Hockey is awesome for the spirit, pride, sportsmanship, and devotion to teammates. I love it !
This is really well thought out, I agreed with it!
But I think Football should be America's sport.
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