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10/18/2003 c6 8HNMN Commander for the Right
hey being from boston, a die hard red sox fan, and a proud member of Red Sox Nation, i feel the pain. it honestly feels like someone died. if you wanna talk baseball, email me () or im me at the same name (minus @cs.com). take it easy bro, there's always next year
10/18/2003 c3 Ayn Inverse
I have one thing to say...1918. As a Red Sox fan, you should know what that means.

From The Biggest Yankees Fan in MD.
10/18/2003 c6 Mbwun
Indeed. Hardcore Seattle Mariners fan and New York Yankee hater that I am, I was quite disappointed to see the Red Sox choke harder than my beloved Mariners do and blow Game 7. My condolences go out to all you Boston fans-I feel for ya, man, I really do. Just imagine how it would feel to meet the Major League win record and then not make it past the first round of the playoffs...

~He Who Walks On All Fours
10/18/2003 c6 220Namir Swiftpaw
I feel sorry for all the BoSox fans, because their team sucks so hardcore. And they don't suck, which is the frustrating part - it's just that they can't even win.

I hate the Yankees, and I don't like the Red Sox - but I do feel sorry for Boston fans that the Sox lost.

Hehe..."AAron Fucking Boone"...hehehe...

That was amusing. All I can say is I hope they do better next year...unless they are playing Philadelphia. ;P Then I hope they lose, hardcore. ^^;

~Namir Swiftpaw
10/18/2003 c6 Steven Lawrence
This was the best thing you've ever written. I was cracking up and it was amazingly done. Very good D.

10/18/2003 c1 Steven Lawrence
You gonna ever write me back? I sent you a few emails. Didn't mean to kick your team when it's down...I kicked Chicago too! LOL...if you talk to Hnmn, make sure to tell him to believe in the curse...you know there is no other explanation.

And I think it's sad that all of a sudden nobody wants to watch the World Series. This is such a great series-the highest payroll against a ragtag unstoppable group-alot are pegging the Marlins to win!

10/17/2003 c5 Admiral
As I'm sure you're a little busy burning AAron Boone in effigy I'll make this brief.

Quote Yankees radio voice John Sterling:

"Ball Game over...American League Championship Series over...Yankees Win-TH-A-AA-A-AA-AA-AA YANKEES WIN!"

So...dredging up that piano didn't do much, huh? (Heh, heh, heh...)
10/17/2003 c5 Tari
I agree with you on everything.

1. Pedro was already pissed off in game three. He would have thrown anyone to the ground at that point. Zimmer got a cut on his nose. Aw, poor baby. Maybe it's time to take a little break...called retirement. I mean, he could've thrown down a poor groundsworker. Where's the class and honor in that? Who could do such a thing?

2. The Media was EXTREMELY Yankee bias. I think this may possibly be due to the fact that Boone's own BROTHER was one of the commentators. Huh. Figure that one.

3. We may have lost the "war," but two Yankees aren't leaving leaving this series unscathed.

Next year will mark the turning point. The Yankees are about to see their very last World Series.
10/16/2003 c1 Steven Lawrence

85 Years and counting! GOD DAMN I LOVE THIS SPORT!

10/16/2003 c5 14Admiral
At this moment, my fantasy football team is at 0-5-1. I feel your pain.
10/16/2003 c5 7C Shot
Hmm.. Daunte as a backup... you know me the average Minnesota boy roating for the not so average Minnesota Vikings... and this Vike's fan like Gus Forrete a hell of a lot better the Culpepper anyways.. may I ask who your recieviers are? Shouldve got Randy... tskk.. why not just draft the whole Vikings team for Chris sakes? O'well I am not in Fantasy Football, I prefer Madden... maybe next year... I still epect the Vikes to choke though, all Minnesotian teams do... I'll just have to cheer for them and hopefully they'l do the impossible and not Choke...

~C Shot~
10/16/2003 c5 James Jago
I recognise the phenomenon, though obviously it's a different sort of football this side of the Atlantic. Why the phenomenon hasn't been wiped out by EA Sports I'll never understand.
10/15/2003 c1 Steven Lawrence
Sad...sad sad sad...for Hnmn.

10/15/2003 c1 Steven Lawrence
Sad...sad sad sad...for Hnmn.

10/14/2003 c3 8HNMN Commander for the Right
Wasn't it Luchino who coined the phrase "evil empire"? and i forgot to say last chapter, Ted Williams is the best baseball player of all time. Imagine his #'s if he didn't miss time to go and defend our country. Look at that, a baseball legend, and an American hero. Beat that Yankees!
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