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4/26/2005 c1 3Aneja
This was really good. I can see what the poem means, and I'm pretty sure others can relate to it. Strong-Great Writing

7/8/2004 c1 37xoxo SuGaR BaBii
I really like this poem, too. Gah, you're just a great writer in general and I hope that I can learn from your writing what exactly I like so that I can interpret it into some of my writing. :) Check out some of my poems and review. :)
10/1/2003 c1 5kris.con
great poem, I know exactly how you feel :P. keep writing!
9/30/2003 c1 Lost and With a Purpose
That was an awesome poem! It is just what so many kids just want to tell their friends or someone else. Especially me.
9/29/2003 c1 8Mydnight Mistress
Wow I love this!

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