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for Mother

12/19/2004 c1 cassie
wow... I'm impressed. Incredible short story. It was deep... at first I was like "what the heck," but it was really interesting. Of course I don't really believe in evolution... I think it's a joke that that theory is still being taught in public schools. But this story, although referring to that concept, was amazing. Awesome job. :)
10/10/2003 c1 173the Queen of Jupiter
Oh, WOW. I haven't read a short story this good in a while. The only thing I'd nitpick would be the length of the paragraphs...they seem too short. Some could be combined, but I guess brevity is what you're going for - it certainly shapes the tone of the story.

Fantastic. Definitely on my favorite stories list.

Keep writing! Peace ~~

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