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12/23/2007 c1 2GIRL WRITER
The story has a certain cockiness to it. I like it's good write more!
6/24/2006 c1 8supplanter-of-tomorrow
Wow this is strange. It's a little confusing, and the grammar/spelling could use cleaning up. Other than that, I like the FAST pace...you kill them off so quickly. They get maybe 2 lines of dying-time! Impressive...so detached.
5/26/2005 c1 candycane-collage
WHOOHOO, I was right. I knew it was Ian. Ha ha, I'm great. Well, anyways, I love it, it's awesome. Except, there's one little mistake, at the end, it says, "I can't beleive it's been twenty years." Mari smiled, kissing Jimmy. "Thirty years since what?" Their teenage son asked.

It says twenty, and then thirty years. Weird. Well, it's fantastic.
12/3/2004 c1 183Jo Madden
This is a very good story. Keep it up.
3/28/2001 c1 Merri
Ooh.. Jimmyy.. this is good! I remember reading it but like.. forgot the ending.. PINATAA! hehehe koolies seeyaa
3/28/2001 c1 3Jimmy82004
wow..very well written..you need some touch ups tho!
10/29/2000 c1 Night Eagle
Well, this was interesting. Good on the mystery, but it was sort of like Scream. The phone thing and party. Predictable, too. All too casual too. No cring! and Merri was called Mari aa couple of times. and the ending, with their son, very cheezy. E-mail me with a reply to this Jimmy. one good thing, not many typos. Slash by Ka Anor is like this, but less Scream-like, but more typos.
7/1/2000 c1 Anna
Jimmy? Dis story is mad wicked KoO...i loveee killin stories-..dont get scared ::cackle:: i'd give it a 10,seriously. ;D peace.

6/30/2000 c1 Guest
Wow! This was awesome. This would make the coolest movie! At first, I thought the killer was Brian because he started to hurt Merri when he hugged her in the beginning. Than I thought it was Marikate for having that vision. Than I thought it was Day because she was too innocent. Than, I knew that the killer was either Ian or Day, turns out that Ian was the right choice. Great job, awesome work, great writing, a few spelling mistakes, but this story is good enough for a 9.7 rating! :)
6/28/2000 c1 Rik
You know I think it's slightly degrading that I wasn't in this fic all in all No one would exactly be laughing or finding something hilarious at a death..needs to be a little more realistic and furthmore it was a pretty good fic.
6/28/2000 c1 Jen
o.o.. 'S a kewl story.. yaw! heheheheh.. Anyway.. Bya

6/24/2000 c1 Frank
Very well written story, If they still had ratings, I'd rate it a zillion and one. Keep up the kewl work, and can I be in the sequel? (If its not already out)
6/7/2000 c1 Laura Nolan
It was good, but... they seemed WAY too casual about all the killings going on...
4/11/2000 c1 Looloo
Some spelling mistakes, otherwise, pretty good!
4/11/2000 c1 Rian
This is a mystery... it keeps you guessing! Rated PG13 for a reason, so be fair warned to thee, says I. Other than that it makes for a mysterious mystery!
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