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for The Beauty and the Boy

6/11/2005 c14 His Only
Oh gosh, this was not bad at all! Especially for one of your first stories. I had to read it all in one sitting... couldn't stop myself! The title was cute, it really went well with the story and I loved the plot. And I LOVED how you gave him the name Walnut. Hahahaha. Very cute! The only problem that needs fixing, is that I think chapter 9 is really suppose to be the last chapter, and it got a little conusing there. But other than that, this was awsome! Excellent work. I keep waiting for an update of Moving West: the second week. But I guess you have a writers block... ya me too. I haven't update my Love Never Fails story in like more than two months! Well, anyways, I want to thank you for all the support you gave with all my poems and stories too. I really really appreciate all your encouraging words and comments! Thanks again and keep up the great work with all your writing. Excellent story!
5/27/2004 c7 5One-and-Only-18
Hm pretty good story to date :):). I liek they way the story goes around the two parts(possibly they will me one of those times). Still pretty good work continue in thst way :D
4/4/2004 c7 Gnat10886
aw...cute chapter, I can't wait to find out who this girl she has to tutor is. Hmm...Greg sounds like a hunk. I have tons of hot swimmers at my school so I can so realte to Fleur thinking he was cute. Update soon,more Tim POV would be good. Great job.
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1/11/2004 c5 natmarie
The title to this caught my eyes,seemed a little disneyish. And I deceided I had to check it out. And I read the whole thing in one sitting, yay me. Sorry I usually have a short attention span so this is a major accomplishment. Anyway back to you and the story. Really cute.Great story idea so far and character development I can't wait to see what happens next, I'll be keeping my eyes open. Write more soon.
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11/29/2003 c4 12HummerLover48
This chapter was a bit short, but I suppose that that's ok. Nice job!
10/30/2003 c3 3sparke
I finally got around to uploading another chapter! Aren't you proud of me? I liked this chapter for the most part, but there seemed to be a lot of unessecary small talk. Try to cut down on that.
10/1/2003 c1 sparke
I'm your first reviewer! Simply wonderful! Of course, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering that I just uploaded this about five minutes ago...

Anyways, like I've said many times before, this chapter was a good start! It's a shame that the only person that you really talk about in the future(aside from Tim) is Matt though. Oh, and Erik. But you kinda wasted a lot of time introducing the others, considering you rarely even mention them again.

But, other than that, nice job!

Also, anything that I said in my review for 'Fame' about contacting people and changing stuff holds true for this fic as well.

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