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8/26/2007 c4 8Black Viper
Did she take her own life in his warderobe? or was she murdered in his warderobe?

anyway.. I see nothing disturbing with him so far.. Well The part where he used his own blood as decoration may have been a bit weird for me.. I cry about a paper cut.. so yeah.. lol.

Anyway.. I dress in a lot of black and such.. I don't have the religion that goth's do though.. I don't have a religion...

anyway.. It's really cool that you write something like this.

1/7/2004 c4 2Lady Sunlight
Tough life.
1/7/2004 c2 Lady Sunlight
Aw poor Colin, I don't tend to feel sorry for people but... Colin sounds hot! There I said it! you happy now!
1/5/2004 c4 2The Pretenders
Hey, cool story, but they way you write it removes the reader from the story. It feels like nothing is there, the style is completely passive and such. If you wanna come over to my place sometime, we can re write it and make it more captivating.
12/18/2003 c3 10Rebecca Kelsey
I am adding this to my favorite stories list. I'm shunned because im darker then most people, not dark enough to be called a goth, but enough that im a freak in their eyes. Please continue writing this
10/26/2003 c2 14sb1
I don't believe I just found this! How did I miss it? I'm glad you steered me here, I hope you're going to continue this. I'm enjoying the way Colins character is emerging and while the angst is, well, angsty, it's not unbearable to read about. Especially as Colin isn't a passive victim, I love the tapioca pay back bit. I hope you do go on with this one, please?

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