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for A Day of Sadness

11/6/2009 c1 2JelliBeani
My hamster died today

I read this poem and it really lightened me up

thank you
8/7/2004 c1 9Mormon Princess 1
Very sad... WEll I love sadness it's fun to read...
2/25/2004 c1 40Jareth the Monk
Graceful in its simplicity, which proves you don't have to be Emily Dickinson to make poetry flow right. Only thing wrong I caught- "I can't BARE to live without you"
1/4/2004 c1 Lady Seraph
First of all, I'm very sorry about your grandma and about your hamster. *hugz* Second, I love your poem. I think you conveyed your pain very well. My hamster died a few years ago. Your poem brought back all the memories of my hamster. I was almost in tears as I read through your poem.
11/21/2003 c1 2sweetytweety1
aww...i know exactly how u feel. but i only had a pet, my grandma didn't die yet. i miss my pet.. :-(
10/20/2003 c1 Doom Omega
Nice. Loss is a hard thing, but sadly, great inspiration for poetry. I understand it must be hard, but please keep writing things like this. No errors I could find on first glance. Enjoy!

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