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for Sonnets of the Soul

10/15/2003 c1 3angieelique
wow...these are definitely some of the best poems i've ever read! windows is definitely my favorite even though im not too sure what you're getting at...i think it is kinda...evil? ^^;; i dunno, like someone who's not ready to open up to the world...but the last line was what made it seem a lil bit evil to me ^^;; well...did i get it right? ^_^ haha, this is buggin me now...I WANNA KNOW! ^_^ write more poems? pleases? *sends chocolate and strawberry pocky* ^_^
10/4/2003 c1 62Turquoise Draka
I really liked the window one the best, but I'm not so god at riddles, so I'm not gonna bother. The window sonnet was what called me to read, and I also liked the descriptions of the "Ideal World"

10/4/2003 c1 Poet-Anon
Oh mah lord...

How amazingly refreshing it is to see such wonderful poetry! This site has some gr8 poets and I think you are one of them my dear!

Beautifully written poems, all of them gr8 in their own ways. My favourite's gotta be 'Ideal World' Amazing work!

You hav to write more!
10/4/2003 c1 3Emrys Bellanes
WHOA! Shweet! Those are really cool ^_^ ur a really good poet!


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