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for Black Horse

1/13/2004 c1 Alaurei
Wow, what an interesting poem. It makes me think. But everytime I try to think, my mind is blocked from SEAGULLS! o.0 I think I'm okay. Funny though, the poem had me laughing until it talks about the car that hits a dog...how sad. And then you climb a pyramid...hmm, this poem just confuses me more. I will try to figure this out! ^_^ One though cookie! Anyway, it's a lovely poema nd I will be thinking about it more. ~_^
I also wanted to say thank you for reading Dragon AWrz. I didn't think anyone would ever read it again but I guess it just so happens I have another friend! ^_^ Thanks. And I believe, (from reading your bio) that you've heard of DigiDayDreamer. I've been friends with him for quite a while actually. Hmm, *thinks back* Back to what I was saying, *cough*, I wrote book one of Dragon Warz and he is working on Book 2. Then, when is is finished, I will start up book 3. But, I've decided to wiat and take that challenge until I've finished the tasks I have for myself that are listed in my bio. So, when the time comes, (farther into 2004) I will hope to be finished with Unforgotten Clouds: A New Beginning, and to be starting Spirited Mind, and working on Dragon Warz 3 when Daiger is done.
Well, I can't wait to go and read more of your stuff. I just got home from school a little while ago and enjoyed a snack! ^_^ Two pluses for my day. Thanks! So, I better be off to hop in teh shower after I read your other poems. I will hope to start reading your novels though. Well, I'm not sure if they're novels but, your stories I shall say. Thanks again and I will talk with you later.
-Nickel City
"To infinity, and beyond!"
10/11/2003 c1 Jeweled Knife
Ok. Strange. And strange again. But it is strangely very good, as strange as it is. (^_~) I liked it! Twas very good, and worth the read, except for the tea part.

*Shiver* Tea scares me. LoL, mind me...



PS: uhh...upgrade resistance again please? Thanks!
10/11/2003 c1 Galea
Does this have anything to do with some Erica randomness?

Just a question. LOL.

It's definitely interesting...Seagulls reminds me of the sea...

Could you upgrade defence please?
10/6/2003 c1 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
Strange, Sanderek, strange. 0_0 "Bells ring in a /disturbing harmony/a car hits a dog/ i cry insanely.



but you not serious, now that i now. :)


Upgrade . . . uhh Speed again . . .
10/6/2003 c1 TygirSky
Maybe, this poem is about someone who is depressed, and is bothered by the normal things of life. The morning mist, the creeking tables, the way the chruchbells ring, the enoying, never ending cry of the gulls. And most of all, how a life can be taken, how someone can die, and still the the bells ring on, and seagulls screech even more enoyingly. And then, whenever this someone trys to do something, they get hurt, and no one hear's there screams, so they die. Die alone and sadly. The Black Horse is the horse of dead, that caries him away. It's a sad poem. (oh and can you put my points in str? forgot to mention it last time, i was so cought up in the poem ^_^)

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