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1/13/2004 c1 Alaurei
Oiye, not again. XD I'm laughing so hard again. The whole Macarana thing really got to me. Ugh. *calms self down* Anyway, I've got to be off but before I do, I shall review. 0.0 (that rhymes, wow.)
Great work! This one seemed so descriptive. I really enjoyed it. (until I started laughing of course. It was still fun though. ~_^) Anyway, I thought it was again another puzzle for me to ponder in the shower. Most poems are like this. Always hiding something behind the author's opinion. You really have to dig deep to know the poem and the author. An interesting note I've taught myself.
Anyway, great work and I'll have to come back again later!
-Nickel City
"To infinity, and beyond!"
10/11/2003 c1 Galea
Did Melvin bite you again? :P ;)

I dunno about this one...In a sense I got reminded of Allen Poe, then there are other lines that remind me of song lyrics and such.

Are you gonna put the other cat poem in here? The funny one?

...just a question. lol.

Please upgrade defence again!
10/6/2003 c1 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
How the heck do you write these, they sound so profound yet . . . you know what . . . 0_0 i still think its awsome.

Hey macarana! Where did that come from. 0_o

no idea . . . lol


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