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11/16/2003 c4 7Lightness
youre doing great. it took me a second there to figure out whose point of view that was (cuz that last chapter had hitomi's pov) but yea. your imagery really is awesome. anywayz. about your wanting to critique your work, uh.. heey go right ahead. it IS your story, ya know. kay, keep writing.
11/16/2003 c4 Vallierie
Wow, I'm impressed. Never thought I could see a really good piece of fiction from you. J/K I wuv you!

P.S. Like my new pen name?
11/11/2003 c2 Lightness
ooh! a WHALE! theres gonna be a whale in the story? how cool. and ofcourse the phoenix and the dragon and the bear. but whales are cool. not many fantasy stories have whales. this chapter was interesting. do write more soon. id really like to know what happens. kay, buh byee kid. have fun.
10/8/2003 c1 Lightness
heeyo (again),

o! o! im likin this too. i really hope you write more real real real soon becuz soon is good and not soon is bad. yep yep. kay then. buh byee. have fun kiddie-o.
10/6/2003 c1 3Forsakn
Thank you Joe. This story is fantastic. Do continue.

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