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for Children of War: The Thawing of Winter's Night

12/6/2006 c13 3Blah246
Sorry it took me so long to review, I read it but was too lazy to write the dam thing, lolz.

Can't wait to see how you portray the demons. Hmm, I'm curious, is their base of operations on a demon occupied planet, an abandoned planet which just happens to harbor some of the enemy?

So cometh of seventh, I'll be looking forward to it, especially when they encounter some of the action they've so longed for.
9/6/2006 c12 Blah246
You're alive! It's amazing! Well, I guess I could understand, everyone has their coma periods and all. Sorry it took a while to review, I've been in a kind of slump lately and I had to re-read alot. Plus that, and I almost deleted the alert thinking it was junk mail, lolz.

Hmm, foreboding for the future I see. Can't wait to see when the fireworks turn for the worse. I'm especially anxious to see what Kalix and the demons are capable of. A very nice chapter, I really like the way you're setting things up and not having them be hard-core demon slayers killing things left and right straight off the bat.
1/23/2006 c11 13XxDragon Princess NikkixX
GAH! How did I miss so many updates? GAH! Very good! I am loing this, as always. Its very well done chica. And aww sweetie, thank you much for all your support and reviews. Its means so much to me *hugz* You're amazing! Keep up the great work chica!
1/14/2006 c5 12Arrow's Flight
Very nice. It's been a long time since I read this, and should be severely ashamed of myself. *whacks self on the head*

Very nice plot development. Ooh kill Jasiik. . . (sorry, I just don't like him.)

I like the addition of Lieh and Amethyst to the story. Time makes more since there. Earth time is wacky. . .

KEEP WRITING and 'TIll next review!

-Arrow's Flight-

"Fahion is a form of ugliness so intolerable we have to alter it every six months." Oscar wilde (quote for the day)

You are my Special Favorie Author!
1/7/2006 c11 3Blah246
Naw, this isn't crap, I found it very interesting. It has some good elements of character development for the engimatic Crow, but I of sorta suprised by it, lolz.

Can't wait to see what happens when things start getting messy, lolz. update soon plz.
1/3/2006 c10 1taurus261990
cool story, plz update soon!
10/9/2005 c10 blah246
Don't know much about kalix, but so far I like her.
10/8/2005 c9 3Blah246
sorry I'm too lazy too review every chapter, so just consider this 9 reviews crammed into one, lolz.

First of all I'd like to say I really like the concept behind this story straight from the beginning. At first I thought the prologue was kind of depressing, know that at least 6 of the characters were going to die, but then I found myself wondering how, and why, and when, and all those sort of questions. It makes me wanna read the whole thing as fast as possible to find out.

So far the story has been very interesting, grabbing my attention with something good every chapter. I really like the concept of haveing there be countless bloodlines of magic due to interbreeding. And the fact there are 14 characters means 14 diffrent abilities, talents, and personalites.

But there are several things I don't understand and could be clarified. First, if their memories were wiped, how did they remember thier birthdays let alone how did they know how to convert those dates to earth time? Also, I am kind of confused with the scope of the story. Does it span the universe, the front of the confrontations being on any planet, or is it confined to thier homeplanet?

On another note, though having 14 main characters is good and all. I can't help but think abuot how hard it's going to be. Not only do you have to try extra hard juggling the thoughts, personalities, and goals of all 14. You're going to have make sure the reader knows whats going on with them too. A challenge yes, but I'm sure you can pull it off.

If I had to choose a favorite character so far, I think it'll be either Tina or Cara. They have like a "love my best friend/they annoy the crap outa me in a fun way" kind of relationship going, like all good friendships. lolz

As for what I'd like to happen, I really wanna see how the demons fight, but thats because of thier element, lolz. I can like see them using big ships to create massive shadows, and then using the shadows to fight. lolz.

On a side note, there were alot of spelling and grammer issues, the most common I saw was either using the wrong word in the wrong place, like "where" for "were" or "there" for "their". But this is a very common problem that could be ironed out by simply re-reading.

I really like where this is going, and I can't wait to see what happens. update soon plz.
6/23/2005 c3 12Arrow's Flight
Very nice chapter. I really, really like this story so far. The imagery is very nice and the idea is interesting.

Thank you so much for your review!


-Arrow's Flight-

6/22/2005 c2 Arrow's Flight
Very nice chapter! I'm still hooked. . . And the plot thickens. . . I really like this story.


-Arrow's Flight-

Who is very happy that she is FINALLY updating Avalon Tre! GO ME!

(sorry, Ive been trying to update sooner, and at last I can!)
6/19/2005 c1 Arrow's Flight
ooh. I think I'm going to have to add this story to my Favorites list. The narative hook has caught me, and I can't wait to read more. The descriptions are wonderful. GREAT JOB!

-Arrow's Flight-

Who FINALLY updated!
6/11/2004 c7 XxDragon Princess NikkixX
Oh! She can make rooms cold AND shes a Terthian. Creepy! Please update soon, please, please, please!
6/11/2004 c7 Anarchist Smurfette
*feels smug* I _knew_ Tina was going to turn out to be Terthian...
I think I like this chapter best so far - the story's been possibly a touch too slow so far, in a setting-the-scene way, but the pacing was exactly right here, and you chose the right place to end it (I'm having to squash "Tell me what's happening next or else!" impulses, but that's all to the good).
As far as criticism goes.. um. Please don't take offence, but the igloo joke? I kinda can't see people ending up in hysterics because of it - unless it's actually from shock, but if it is then you need to make that clear. Aside from that, barely any typos (yay!), but if you're splitting up paragraphs with white space, you don't need to indent as well - it's not a big deal, but it gives a slightly odd effect. On the whole, though, well done - if you didn't get the impression already, I liked it very much.
6/3/2004 c6 XxDragon Princess NikkixX
A really great chapter! I liked the flashback that Cara had in the beginning. It created a past for your characters and developed them very well! I love this! I hope for an update soon!
5/24/2004 c5 XxDragon Princess NikkixX
Here i am! I have finally found the time to read this. I am so sorry. Ever since i recieved the first author alert for this story, i have had every intention of reading it. I just lost track of time and am now getting my ass into gear so that i don't offend you!
I really like this so far. I noticed quite a few spelling, grammar, and puncutation errors but they improved dramatically in the last few chapters. I think the plot could be a little more developed but really, it's looking GREAT! It really popped through with this chapter. Your characters are all interesting and fun in their own unique way!
Well, please update soon! Love ya!
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