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9/14/2009 c4 Katrina
Love this story! It's great! Don't pay attention to the criticism - your story is really good!
10/7/2005 c21 Rachel aka Tpaca
REINHARD QUICK! **hands Reinhard the world's smallest fiddle** Play to this self absorbed little puke. **Reinhard plays cry me a river** **hermann sits on justin timberlike**I like the idea of a Nazi FanGirl Posse though...we should start a fiction press community!
9/9/2005 c21 1Hi'iaka
I'm shocked. I'm appalled. And I'm mad as hell. Just what exactly was going through your head when you came up with this? Are so so wrapped up in your perverted little fantasy that you can totally ignore the suffering of the Jews, the Roma, and the thousands upon thousands of homosexuals, priests, Communists, mentally impaired people, and members of European resistance movements who were murdered by the men you seem to revere?

This is not cute. This is not amusing. If anything, it's disgusting. You're shamelessly glamorizing some of the worst incarnations of evil in human history. And if that weren't enough already, you actually have reviewers gushing about how 'cute' Himmler and Goering are.

I'll say it now: You people are sick. Truly, deeply sick. I would never have imagined that a piece of fiction so warped could have received even more than a cursory glance and a shudder from anyone with half a brain and more than a few dregs of conscience. But wait...who am I kidding? When have the author and the other members of the Nazi Fangirl Posse ever shown any signs of intelligence or morality?
8/7/2005 c21 7tpaca
But...he WAS dashing...HAVE YOU SEEN PICTURES!Raina! I command you to write more damnit! I have been waiting and waiting...
2/13/2005 c1 3Lady Wrye
First off, your writing is very very very good. Much better than I could ever imagine. Okay, so I hope you understand that anything negative I say against your story is more of a personal fettish, than a "problem" with your story. So, your story has Reinhard Heydrich in it as romantic interest. For me, I have just finished doing a enormous project on the Holocaust, including Reinhard Heydrich. I am not making assumptions that you support the Nazis or any crap like that. All I am trying to say is that, personally, it doesn't click with me to have a cruel, evil Nazi leader from history be romantic interest. He was responsible for hundreds of deaths of Jews. He was a very evil man. I just cannot see him as a "handsome" or "dashing" young man. Sorry if I offended you in any way at all. I do not mean to attack you viciously. Believe me.

10/15/2004 c20 7tpaca
RAINA! CLIFFHANGER? NO... aww...rudolf and ilse..what is SHE up to? lol... and Reinhard and Elsa... EE! YOU SIMPLY MUST WRITE MORE. or I shall...I shall...
use you imagenation.
write more.
9/2/2004 c19 tpaca
wow! I am logged in!
I am sorry about not updating, but I have been reading. but it's summer and I'm lazy, and you can throw me into an AA meeting or beat me with a stick as punishment. Reinhard and Elsa **happy sigh**
they no suck. hahahaha
8/28/2004 c19 DanielleHime
Oh, Rudolf WANTS Elsa. It's good they're all home... aww, Reinhard and Elsa getting all snuggly. XD Anyway, another wonderful chapter, I'm anxious to see what you have planned for this!
8/21/2004 c18 5PriestSnatcher
Hooray! This is, I think, the most squee-worthy chapter yet. First you have Hess and his tree, then a jumpy Himmler, then more jumpy Himmler and Goering with cookies!
Not to mention, that whole exchange with Himmler on a wild goose chase to find transportation for the trio was absolutely classic.
Great job. And great Himmler as well! ^_^
8/19/2004 c18 DanielleHime
"... who rewarded Himmler with a gingerbread cookie." Ahahaha, that made me think of a kindergarten teacher handing out gold stars, I'm sorry! Too funny! Yay! Hooray for another great installment (!) because I still can see Eric in Himmler's position. XD
8/18/2004 c17 DanielleHime
Rudolf is SO jealous. Yay, reunited! Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/18/2004 c14 DanielleHime
Bwahahaha, Elsa and Rudolf picking on each other, funny! What's this, work to do? Do I smell foreshadowing?
8/18/2004 c9 DanielleHime
It's so cute! Make it stop! No, don't! I go read more!
8/18/2004 c7 DanielleHime
Aw, he kissed her! AW! Too bad guys like Reinhard don't exist anymore. No, they do, they're just all flocking together and we have to find the herd.
8/7/2004 c17 Thenot somightysisto
bwhahahahaha...I eat puppies!
and kitties!
and babies!
Aww seems she is falling for 2 men...is jerry springer in the stars?lol. hopefully not.but soon she shall have to chose. sorry for not R&Ring for a while...wonderful work as always though!
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