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7/25/2004 c17 5PriestSnatcher
Yay! They found Reini! I'm so happy! But I have to wonder...how long will the bliss last? And I love how you ended the chapter with dear Heini. The Fuhrer will be pleased. Well, that's good, because Der Fuhrer WAS angry with Himmie before! XD
Good way to end the major tension that was starting to make me go "ARGH!" But it's building...
So they found him. Things can't be peachy forever!
...ah, lovely Himmler. LOL!
7/18/2004 c16 1Valkyria
You updated! ^_^
Still like it (the saga continues =P). Hope you get to update more frequently now that classes are over! I should update mine as well, but I'm still in Austria and it's kind of hard to think of a way to continue my freaky Heydrich story when there's so much to do and to see.
7/15/2004 c16 Heinrich's Jackboots
ARGH! POOR REINI! *faints* You always seem to leave me in suspense! How can I sleep when I don't know if Elsa and Reinhard will ever see each other again? XD And again I keep sensing this tension between Elsa and Rudolf. I can't help but think something's going on there that could affect things! lol But I'm glad you've updated. You've updated many things! It's an updating blitz! Hm, I need one of those...lol
7/4/2004 c15 5PriestSnatcher
Yay! You updated! *squeals* Another excellent chapter, and the plot thickens! Silly freak accidents. ^_^ Looks like Rudi and Elsa are well on their way to finding Reinhard...but do I smell something? What's going on between THOSE two? O.O Can't wait to see how this develops. It would be an interesting twist if this is going where I *think* it's going!
7/4/2004 c15 Rachel the lazy who isn't signing in
Rudolf, and Reinhard, and Elsa. *LOVE* sadly, one of the two is going to get his heart broken.
But hopefully Elsa will chop Ilse up with a pick axe first. ;)
~*Rachel, who will someday sign in*~
6/18/2004 c14 PriestSnatcher
Oh my God. *dies of happiness* This is the greatest thing I've ever seen! Reinhard Heydrich starring in a romance? Only in my wildest dreams! O.O Seriously, wow. You've made me very happy. There just aren't enough romances out there that feature the most infamous of the Nazi gang. Infamous and not including Hitler, that is. Everyone loves Hitler.
I love how you give such emotional, human characteristics to people that are objectified as evil in history.
LOL I sense trouble down the road for my dear Himmler as well! O.o I can't wait to read more of this. I hope to see a happy ending for Elsa and Reinhard! ^_^
4/19/2004 c14 tpaca
speeding with Rudolf. bwhahaha. Elsa has all the fun. "what ever floats your boat Rudolf..." yes this is an awesome chappy!
The lazy chick who forgets to log on.
4/19/2004 c14 1Valkyria
That's what I call a fast update o_O
Nice job, keep going!
4/18/2004 c13 Valkyria
Yay, another chappie^^ It's good to be back and have new things to read, ya know? ;P Keep up the good work!
4/16/2004 c13 7tpaca
Go Elsa! **steals leah's cheerleading stuff and does a screwy little dance** This is really turning out well! you created most of the plot, I just poked my finger in and, erm, fiddled with it a bit. **CHILDREN DON'T TRY THAT WITH AN ELECTRIC SOCKET!** anyways... Great! oh and to the other reviewer... welcome to the story I call TAG, an exciting story of Elsa Reinhard and (at last...) Rudolf. :)
4/13/2004 c12 1Valkyria
OMG, finally a story starring my lovely (lol) Heydrich! This was interesting in a funny way, I mean, seeing Heydrich displaying an alternative personality. Cute =P
You must write more to feed the beast within me that is actually obsessed with the guy =^_^=
4/12/2004 c12 tpaca who is way too lazy to sign on
A cliff hanger! you...you..you...HUMAN! now you have to write more or I shall never get off your case! Bwhahaha, Hitler mad at Himmler, because of Reinhard! hehe... well great chappy, NOW WRITE MORE!
the incredbily lazy tpaca
also called Rachel
11/18/2003 c11 7tpaca
**cries** I don't want him to leave. . . . . .**sob** Don't let him go to france. . . . . .No. . . . Oh well :) *smiles* MORE! love it AS always. :) GO RAINA!
11/11/2003 c10 tpaca
**claps** Cliff hanger! :)

This is great! poor Elsa, Reinhard leaving! He will be back, I hope...
10/19/2003 c9 tpaca
this is so so so so sweet :) I need to go read something sad to wipe the sappy smile off my face. I think I am going to burst from being so happy. MORE!

To stupid peoson below:

Get a life and don't waist ours. If you really read up to chapter 9, you had every idea what this story was about. Seig Heil.
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