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for The Boy Bride

8/20/2005 c9 tomboy101
How sweet!Plz update soon!
8/16/2005 c9 City Lights Burn Like Stars
i like it i love it i want some more of it! ^^ update soon
8/16/2005 c9 1Aizu Saphire
8/12/2005 c9 2Arsinoe03
Amazing story, please update!
7/19/2005 c9 19Cookie Gestapo
You said you "must remember to update this storie more often" but it's been a year and eleven days. So...what's the hold up? Did you just lose intrest in this storie? Did you forget about _it_ and your fans? Come on I want answers. This storie is really good and I like it alot 'so far'. I'm really hoping you continue with your storie because I know it has the will to grow into somthing coolio (
7/1/2005 c9 1shadylight

such a cute ending for the chapter!

"It was DAMN HARD being pretty." hehe, I loved that line.

i really love this story! really really love it! please please please update really really soon!
6/14/2005 c9 2Mytheos
It's criminal how long this story has gone un-updated.
6/8/2005 c9 Dapple
Can I have some more, please?You're really good.
5/27/2005 c9 M L
Wow, you must not write this very often. Write more soon, I like this.
5/9/2005 c9 Rakuda
I am completely won over by this story. It's of such good quality! I wish that you would update more, because I'm sure there are many others, including myself, who are patiently awaiting the next installment. I really am pleasantly surprised by this story, it's a joy to read and it hits just the right heartstrings...oh my, please do continue, it's a wonderful story. (I love how all of your Japanese references are so thoroughly researched, but even if they aren't, they seem to be quite correct! Even if I myself am not an expert on the subject...!)
4/27/2005 c9 2Demon Darkness
I like this story, it has an interesting plot and you write well. The only fault that I can see is that it hasnt been continued lol
4/21/2005 c9 Jadwiga
Again I plead with you. *Please*, *please*, *PLEASE* update this story!
4/18/2005 c1 Jerome
I am absolutely lovin it. Please update because I NEED more of this!
4/4/2005 c9 15Switch
So.. flipping... Cute... PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE update! Oh my gosh, I love this story so much! It's so cute and sweet. Ah, I can't wait to read the next chapter. This is so great. It's really original, too. There are tons of mythical m/m bride things, but this one has that futuristic aspect and i just love that baout it... You are AWESOME!
2/21/2005 c1 3GwenhyfarBeati
gosh this is good so far... i really want to keep on reading... :) i think it'll be this good through the rest of the story from the reviews i read ;)

I LOVE QUEEN ...sorry

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