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2/20/2005 c9 hisame
update update update! or i'll hire a hitman to get you! not that i hav any idea who the hell you are, not that that matters o.O ryan iz so cute ^-^
2/12/2005 c9 Jaded Breeze
Update now! Do it! PLEASE! You havent updated since July and thats sad! Update NOW s'il vous plait!
2/10/2005 c9 1azinineMC
WOW! This is really great! (^_^) But I do hope you update soon!
1/17/2005 c9 11Noellen
Aw, too cute of a story to not be updated soon. I like it, a lot. It's original. I was tired when I started reading it-but after the first chapter I was hooked! It's sweet, fluffy-happy, that sort of thing. You do a good job 'n such with the characters. I love Ryan and Takeo. nn;;
1/8/2005 c9 Jadwiga
Hiya! This story is great - really funny. Please update it! It is very good and I would very much like to read more about Ryan, Takeo and Shyia.
12/28/2004 c9 4Kakiryu
o.O ...I love this! *has a heart attack* It's wonderful!

Write more, write soon, just write. Ciao.
12/25/2004 c1 1RoQ
I actually kinda like the style this is in. It works. =O

And now I'm off to read chapter 1!
12/7/2004 c9 SatisfyAnEmptyInside
Well, its only been like 5 months. I really like Takeo. He's cute. So is Ryan. Chapter 8 (9, whatever) was extremely adorable. I love it! Add soon, would you? Can't wait!
11/23/2004 c9 2yuri sasou
Uh is it time for another update?I really want to know what happens next.*whines*
10/6/2004 c9 50Alequinn
Nippon's hidden secret. lol It's just so cool how accepting they were in those times, strictly speaking, of course. =D; Ahh~ I've read your story thus far (chap 9!), and just wanna say you are SO amazing. No joke, I love this story so much! So original and different and Ryan and Takeo's relationship is just so ridiculously cute and lovely, I'm just so happy they are being matched together! I think I wuv you for being able to write this good. lol Write more soon - n Takeo is such a dream husband. XD Ganbatte!
9/3/2004 c9 3I am no longer writing
::giggles, smiling:: prettiness... I love it...
8/31/2004 c9 6Malfunctioned
Wha! Update as soon as you can. ^^; Really good.
8/8/2004 c9 96Liebe Sasa
I really like this story, though there were a few things that seemed a bit off. For example, I don't think a servant would refer to Ryan as "-kun", however close they may be. Also, I'm not sure how active the Feudal system really is in Japan anymore, though I suppose if this is an alternate reality type Earth, it doesn't really matter.
I like your writing style, and the plot of this story. A few typos squeek through, but over all it is very good. I look forward to an update.
8/7/2004 c9 3weepingsilver
ILOVE THIS STORY! It's so awsome!Please update soon!
8/4/2004 c9 Jess
OH My GOODNESS I Love this story please update really soon ok!
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