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7/1/2009 c10 misaki
um im not trying to correct u but u do have a few spelling errors in the japanese: when u said "Hontou ii da ne" its actually "hontou nii da ne" and also u can add that koibito also means sweetheart cuz when i read that last sentence i thought sweetheart would be best ^-^ oh and do u know where i could find a site to translate sentences like the one with beautiful eyes,etc.
6/28/2009 c13 jaedon
Woah Ueshiro O.O

Pretty deep into his daydream wasn't he? =/

Looking forward to the next chapter! =]
6/18/2009 c13 23frogs of war
I really like Ryan and Takeo. Ryan's need to make Takeo understand how he felt the day after was very real. I like they way they interact and Takeo's business face.

Having the first eleven chapters in one POV and then shifting it was odd, but Ueshiro couldn't make sense unless we are in his head. Not that he does now but it makes sense that he doesn't make sense.

I hate to ask, but shouldn't Ryan be Raian in romanji? Unless they are pronouncing it REEan.

I look forward to reading more.
6/17/2009 c13 5TheLadyPendragon
Urm, Ueshiro is pretty crazy, isn't he? But that's the fun of it, I suppose. He wouldn't be as great a villain if he wasn't at least a little loopy. Loopy is fun! But I wanna see Takeo and his bride again! More soon, please.
6/16/2009 c13 2Keona Raynalise
AND I HAVE TO ANSWER TO TAKEO! lol WOW cant WAIT to see wut he has in store for them! and how they get OUT of it! cuz they have too... i hope its devious! i really like this story! CAT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! dont make it take as long as this one did PLZ!
6/16/2009 c13 8Qryous
You. Updated.
6/13/2009 c12 2KittyLuck
*raises hand* I have an important japanese language question to ask! the translation you have

“Arigatou Gozaimashita!” - Thank you very much (for your business)

does that mean its only meant to be as a thankyou for your business? cuz i have a friend who says its just the most polite way of saying thank you and uses it in japanese style restaurants after his meal cuz thats what the waitresses say xD if it is just thank you for your business than umm... yeah looking stupid ftl... lol

and btw while im writing this. THANKYOU FOR WRITING SUCH AN AWSOME STORY! and at the same time boo! you bitch X_X I stayed up this late cuz i had to keep reading and now i have work in 4 and a half hours... *dies* AND I STILL WANT TO KEEP READING BUT CANT! this story will be in my head like all day tommorrow... X_X bitch!
5/24/2009 c12 2dany-ceres
I was so certain that I had already reviewed this story!

It's an amazing story, with a wonderful plot, please, do not abandoned it.

The 'world that you've created is fantastic and it's an enthralling story.

please do continue ^^

5/16/2009 c12 SineMetu
Aw. Cute story. I love it. Please continue with it
4/20/2009 c12 1CinderellaWithCombatBoots
This story is so great! I don't know how Ryan/Rian :| It's really good and I can't wait to hear more :]
2/27/2009 c12 BOOKFREAKAZOID
2/17/2009 c12 1honey splattered brains
hahahahaha. i love how takeo has fans and stuff xD too bad hes married~
1/27/2009 c12 JJLPetersson
I really like this story so far. Hope there's more to come.
1/10/2009 c12 charm en route
Aww, I am quite enamored with your story. The title in the chapter scared me into thinking that something bad would happen to their relationship. Obviously I know now what it is in reference to.

Anyway, it seems this has been kind of abandoned. Please update, when you can.
1/8/2009 c12 3Kaito Naito Eject
Awesome story, keep up the good work and update soon :D
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