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12/21/2008 c12 Sirin Black
hey Jack, hope you have a great Christmas!
12/10/2008 c12 darkshadowarchfiend
I love it! This is the second story I have read on FictionPress since I found out about it and I must say if all the stories are as good as this one then I think I am going to like it here. i can't wait for the next chapter.
10/31/2008 c12 autumn-annette-19
Whats next, whats next.
10/30/2008 c12 4Kimera77
Please, update!
8/17/2008 c12 Roya7
WOW, that was awsome! :D

I started reading this fic yesterday and I couldn't just stop reading! :P I think I'm lucky that have not had to wait four years for this 12 chapters! :D

BTW, why do you update so late? O.o this is a very interesting fic and people, including myself, would follow this and it's so frustrating to wait so long for updates! :(

Anyway, just wanna say that you did a pretty job in describing all the customes, ceremonies, ... they seem so real and Takeo and Ryan are soo cool! ^_^ yeh I thing I 'd like to have a coy friend/husband like Takeo as well! ~.^

very well written, also the chapters are getting longer, to my utter happiness, and I'm wainting for your updates. :)) (just do hope so that it wouldn't be too long!)

Well done and thank you for sharing! *.*
8/14/2008 c12 Love 'n Happiness
This is so good! It's been ages and ages since you've updated!

Please update soon!
7/31/2008 c2 sunny
wiat...if this is set a while ago wouldn't being gay be frowned apon? but it is a very good dtory you are a great writer
7/27/2008 c12 5TheLadyPendragon
This story is really cute. I just love the idea for this and, I especially loved when Ryan and Takeo gave Sayako a little show. XDD Poor fangirl(I don't really pity her)
7/25/2008 c12 14Good Start-Bad Finish
Wow! (That's the first, and about the only word that comes to mind.) Definitely enjoyed reading this. The setting is intriguiing. I love the way past is meeting future, so to speak. In short, kudos for a great read. I hope to see an update soon.

My only comments would be that the chapters prior to when Ryan meets Takeo are a bit... chopy? You seem to just fly through them without really giving the reader much to go on. It's almost like a cross between a summary of the chapter and the chapter itself. Yes, like you mentioned, this could be a stylistic choice, but because it isn't really continued much after Ryan arives in Japan it feels more like you just wanted to get to the good parts ASAP.

The other comment I have is that I found it a bit unrealistic how Takeo was recently betrayed by the one he was going to marry and yet he trusts Ryan so easily. It just seems like there should be more testing the waters in their relationship before they become as close as they are.

Hopefully you didn't find that too harsh! I hate getting criticism as much as anybody, but hopefully you kind of see what I'm saying. I really do think you're doing a great job, especially plot and idea wise. Again, hope to see an update soon!
7/24/2008 c12 sirinblack
i think this is my fav story on the whole site!
7/16/2008 c10 Pheno132
I wish I spoke Japanese! I will learn one day! I am re-reading this story right now ;) for the third time! That's how much I love it
7/16/2008 c1 Pheno132
You have much of this story finished? My hopes are flying sky high! I hope you can finish this story soon, I'm desperate to know what happens!
7/3/2008 c12 Wanabet
Haha, this story is funny and serious at the same time, well done! Update soon!
6/2/2008 c12 forbiddenstars
love this story! i must say, arranged marriage fics are usually not too well written, so i was a bit doubtful when i started this one. i'm so glad i didn't let my prejudice get in my way-this is so amazing! the relationship between takeo and ryan seemed to develop so quickly yet naturally, and i love how affectionate takeo is. =3 wonderful, wonderful fic. please please try to update?
5/13/2008 c12 4X0ImaginaryGirl0X
I love this story! It has good plot and very good descriptions. no extremely noticeable mistakes and if there were I've forgotten XD. This is like a free Japanese lesson for me. I love the language and hope to go to Japan in the near future.
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