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for Real Life Fairytale

12/12/2004 c1 15Gremlins of the Mind
This is absolutely beautiful. The imagery is of a masterpiece, touching and though provoking while at the same time tragic.
7/18/2004 c1 5Rhea Silverkeys
Good. Makes ya think, don't it? I liked it.
7/10/2004 c1 12Genai the monster
OMFFG this is SO GOOD!
I think I never would've read it if it wasn't in someone's favourites! Omg...so good...
4/17/2004 c1 duckyluvr911
i luv this, it has lots of description, i think u had a good idea here and i really enjoyed it
1/3/2004 c1 5aqua-angel
Wow... i love the ending actually its so true. Sometimes life just isn't fair. The story gave a new perspective, i liked it :) heh, ^-^;; I couldn't help laughing at the part when it said her prince charming got eaten O.o Laterz now
12/9/2003 c1 25Guenevere Lee
Wow man... that was twisted, freakishly meanigful, well written, interesting... but wholly twisted... I like it!
11/20/2003 c1 9AnyaAnanda
wow! that is a really good story, i love the idea of the true story of what really happens to those Disney princesses! awesome job, keep writing!
11/11/2003 c1 1VizzyJRou
sniffsniff... Thats so sad. the poor princess. excellent though... just depressing... ^_^
11/2/2003 c1 placid rancor
wow... that was so cool. sha. i think i wanna cry. really really really great piece, i love it. ps thanks for reviewing my story!
10/26/2003 c1 3metaljesse
whoa. Thats really deep. ^_^ I like it
10/16/2003 c1 17Timberly Rey
Amen! thanks for the review; you have a good day too.
10/12/2003 c1 13KaydernTousin
(stares in awe)

Wow. That is the most amazing angst I have ever read! (sniffles into poptart I was eating) ah, well then... (throws poptart to dog) Sorry about that.

This really is an amazing story. Keep up the good work!


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