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12/20/2003 c1 24Ed Girl
excellent this is a very well written poem
no words of praise could do this poem justice
its going on my favs
11/5/2003 c1 119AntiPleasure
OMG awh! THis is such a romantic poem, that's all I can say. It's very well written, sexy, the descriptions work so well "The light scent of you immistakable upon my sheets" oh man I know how that feels babe... my girlfriend lives all the way in England *sigh* and I can still smell her sometimes, I'll never forget her natural smell. *tingles* are you still with your girlfriend? =( I bet she'd be touched if she read this, so SO romantic. Well done, I'm adding it to my favorites for sure. ^-^

10/17/2003 c1 133BladedKisses
Sweet, well written...I like it ::Smiles and nods::

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