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11/7/2004 c1 140E.B. Keane-Farrell
This made me laugh. I am a Sox fan, but still I laugh at the Sox. They really are pitiful. And everyone makes a huge deal out of the "curse"...it is pathetic. The only thing I didn't like all that much was that you said "BOSTON sucks". The town itself does not suck. I love Boston. I don't really understand why people hate the town when all they hate is the baseball team...
10/31/2004 c1 Giygas666
You know Steve, I've found that hard liquor and Zoloft make for quite an effective medicine for times like these. I'm not usually into baseball, but when my asskicking hometown team gets its ass handed to it by the 'RED SUCKS,' it only proves that there is indeed no God.
So, um, anyway...
GO YANKEES! 26 to 6, we're still the best, AW HELL YEAH!
10/30/2004 c1 4Aislynne Feronia
No, we're not jealous. Maybe a few of us are, but not all. I'm a Red Sox Fan, and I'm proud of it. I hate the Yankees because they're punks and its people like you who are complete sore losers over the whole thing that make us think you're all pathetic. Honestly, the fans were pathetic at one of the games in the playoffs.
Just so you know, you're a hypocrite to criticize the "Yankees Suck" t-shirts when you go and say "Boston Sucks." Right there you don't even criticize the Red Sox, just Boston, and that has recently been named the Number One Sports City in the USA.
10/29/2004 c9 14Admiral
You're right. A 20-title lead is a pretty good silver lining.

The Bosox' ALCS victory was a hard pill for me to swallow up here. I'm literally surrounded by Mets fans. (shiver)
10/28/2004 c1 John Stein
Boston won. I was half expecting it, especially since they're planning to knock down old Yankee Stadiun...that curse is gone. Let's just hope their plans to tear down the stadium dont put the Yanks in an 86 year rut.


Yes, we're all aware Boston won. All their fans got in the Cah and went to the Bah for some Beahs last night. Maybe God does enjoy making me look dumb. But he's probably the only one who knows why the hell you care about the Yankees and Sox. You don't live in either state.


The "bwahhahaha" would have done just fine you know. Let me try some of webspeak: GFYTJYLDBYFGNN!
10/27/2004 c1 57tofujunky

FictionPress and their vexing "communication error" messages!

Anywho, how 'bout them Sox? Eh? Hell of a postseason I'd say. Good stuff. Never thought I'd be into baseball; not so bad afterall. It's quite entertaining actually. :)

John Stein:

"I just became an astros fan. God's been letting Boston get it's ass kicked for the past 86 years and he'll do it again."

See? It's not just me that enjoy making you look stupid - God does as well. Bwahahahaha! RFLMAO.

It goes to show, Stein, you don't know squat about God - or anything else for that matter. Hahahaha . . .


Hi, Ed. How goes it?


Congratulations. The Red Sox really kicked ass. Unbelievably spectacular. Don't forget to update your "Sports Column" - you know, to rub it in and all. Somebody's got to do it, might as well be . . . oh what the hell: Yankees Suck!

Cheers, mate.

10/21/2004 c8 9fugiguru
"Your bullpen was eaten up, Johnny Damon (after coming off the set of The Passion of the Christ)"
anyway, as a red sox fan, i can be gracious and not gloat..
oh what the hell.
who's your poppy?
10/20/2004 c1 John Stein
Eh...well boston just won. It's a truly sad day for the world, especially when their fans are making signs that say "And God said: let the curse be lifted". little bastards. I just became an astros fan. God's been letting Boston get it's ass kicked for the past 86 years and he'll do it again.
10/20/2004 c1 9Cthulhu
Come now my children, as the world all knows, the most hated team in the world is by far that mancunian football team...
...Manchester United (AKA Moan U, Man Ure, The C's, The Shits, The Filth or Fucking United)
10/20/2004 c8 Mbwun
Go [insert overpaid and overrated team here]! Go [insert overpaid and overrated team here]! Down with the [insert overpaid and overrated team's overpaid and overrated archnemesis here]!

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

The bitch of it is, this is the most sports I get with the damned NHL lockout. Shite.

~He Who Walks On All Fours

PS - Vancouver to the Stanley Cup in 2006! Yeah!
10/20/2004 c8 16Calvin Fitzgerald
I'm not going to lie, at some point after game three every Red Sox fan, I don't care what they say, was hoping that the Sox would just bomb and spare us from all the pain. Now, of course, this being a Red Sox-Yankees ALCS the Sox have come back to make history and force a game seven. Now I don't know what to think. Honestly, I'm preparing for the worst while celebrating last nights game. No matter what happens in game 7 we'll always have Game 6, where Schilling came through the pain and the cold and Bellhorn (For the love of God I've been calling the guy an automatic out through the entire series) Bellhorn! For crying out loud! For the first time last night the Sox finally, and I don't doubt you'll probably debate with me on this, got the correct calls by the umps both with the Bellhorn homerun and the A-Rod debacle at first.
I honestly wasn't even thinking about a game seven last night, fearing a jinx of course, and when Foulke walked two on with two outs and Tony Clark came up to bat all we could think up here in Massachusetts was 'Oh Shit, the no name Yankee player who hits the goddamn homerun that ends the game.'
No matter, there will be a game seven, despite the odds and the history, and I'll be there to watch the next chapter in the Sox-Yankees rivalry. I can't wait.
Oh and if this seems long and rambling, and is full of grammatical errors, its due to the fact that I've had approx. 6 hours of sleep in the past three days.
Calvin Fitzgerald
6/29/2004 c7 Strawberri Shake
All I have to say on this is I'm really glad A-Rod went to the Yankees. But it sucks that Clemens, Pettite, and Wells aren't with the Yankees anymore. The pitching ain't that great this year. We need Pettite back in pinstripes.
And the Red Sox do suck-majorly. It's really the only bad thing about Boston, I wanna go to college there but I'm such a rabid Yankees fan that I'd probably not even last a week in Red Sox land.
~Strawberri Shake
6/29/2004 c1 Strawberri Shake
OMG-I actually agree with this essay. WOW, I'm sure as hell surprised. (I am a TOTAL AND COMPLETE Yankee fan).
"To be a Yankee fan is be apart of a religion of sorts, a sect that hails under the Church of Baseball."
All hail the NY Yankees! I could not have put that better myself. And while Steinbrenner might pay talented people to play for him it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy true teamwork like the Yankees always come together in. That happens on it's own and is the true miracle of Yankees baseball.
Once again I am completely and utterly shocked to be agreeing with you on anything. That just goes to show that Yankees baseball is a true common ground-even for people with contrasting political views.
BTW-very well written.
~Strawberri Shake
1/31/2004 c7 Jave Harron
Ah, Baseball... Great American pasttime. My brother and dad are huge fans, but I'm not too interested in it. Still, you did a nice, and humorous post in your column here.
1/1/2004 c2 7vanderhall
Another great chapter. And it's quite true, about Pedro being a headhunter. He's a good pitcher (a great one, even) with wonderful control and there is NO WAY that the pitch to Karim was accidental. No way. But, the funniest thing in all of this was Rocket's pitch "at" Manny Ramirez. That wasn't even close, something that Manny and Grady Little admited later. Ah, that was a great thing to hear them say. It's true: the Yankees have class, the Sox don't. They've showed that by thier actions in the past and recently, especially with what they've recently done to Nomar. I almost feel bad for him.
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