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9/16/2005 c1 2Kitai-Shinsei
w00t! Go cricket! While not a rabid fan, I have been known to sit and watch a bit (Especially if it looks like South Africa might actually win... _ Against Australia if possible... although we celebrate if we beat Bangladesh so...)

I don't like baseball. I don't get baseball. I once tried to play it in high school and non of us knew what we were doing... so we switched to cricket. Albeit cricket with baseball bats, but it's the thought that counts.

I think I am right in assuming that you are English? In that case WELL DONE to you guys for beating Australia and showing our team that they are, in fact, beatable. And hopefully demoralising them enough to make them even more so. *Hopes*

God knows we need some success in sport. We lost the Tri-Nations rugby tournament and we're out of the running for next year's soccor world cup...

But I do ramble... AWESOME essay. I like. ~_^
7/29/2005 c1 5snipsa
I absolutely loved this.Being from South Africa you can guess that I am a fan of the game. BIG fan!Loved the Rhodes comment, yip he just is/was the best fielder of all time.

I have to remember some of the points you made that I can tell that to my many friends who think it is a dull/boring game that only the umpires understand!
4/16/2005 c1 IcePantheress
Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. I totally agree with you. Cricket is a great sport, and I enjoy it so much that my parents can never get ahold of the TV during Cricket season.

I liked that comment you put in about Jonty Rhodes of SA. He was an amazing player, both with batting and bowling. But his fielding was just uncomparable, he was just so good.

You're right: A lot of people will take one look at Cricket and say, "Oh, this is so boring, I'd rather watch a game of rugby, socer or baseball."

But from my point of view, and because I myself play cricket, nothing is more satisfying for me than hitting the ball for six, or playing a perfect cover-drive.

I loved reading this, and I hope people out there will take notes, and give some sports that they haven't taken much notice of before, a chance.

11/25/2004 c1 9Cthulhu
Hilariously written. From one Briton to another, cricket is really, really crap. I am sorry becuase your case that was put forward was fantastic but is is just so boring, I'm sorry...

I am a Football fan (proper football, not the yank version) so maybye that explains it, keep writing mate.
6/1/2004 c1 14opaline
what a shot! and it's gone all the way!
seriously, that was great. i didn't think there'd be anything about cricket on this site, or that i could find fellow fans out here. hm...i think you may have inspired me to write a poem about the wicked pak-ind series recently. yay for cricket!
4/15/2004 c1 ADEEEE
Good job with the reasoning, but I have a few things to say. For one, cricket may be a hard, strategy based game on the field, but to the spectators, like me, it seems really unorganized. I once watched a cricket match on TV, and all the guys seemed to do was just hit the ball like a golf ball, and take off. There appeared to be no fielding at all, even though it might be because there was a bad camera crew covering it. Also, the reason cricket is so much more popular than baseball is because there are way more people in the countries that love it than the countries that don't really care about it. For instance, there are way more people in Australia than there are in America and Cuba combined. You say that there's ovr a billion people in Austrailia. Well, in America, I think that we barely have over 50 mil. if you wired the percentages doewn, then the estimate between how many more people like cricket than baseball is a lot slimer. Anyway, nice essay. It was enjoyable.
3/20/2004 c1 14anathalea
Well. I'm not going to tell you you're completely wrong. I'm gonna say you're completely right. But then, I'm an aussie - i grew up if not exactly watching cricket, then at least with the noise of it blaring out of the tv every weekend over summer. Some of my best memories are of christmas afternoons in the park, playing cricket with cousins and brothers that were all WAY too serious. So while i cannot honestly say I've ever watched a test match in full, i still appreciate cricket as something that is a part of australian culture.
1/6/2004 c1 10James Jago
What the hell went wrong with my review? In case you were wondering, my stepfather took a ball to the head; helmet or no helmet, he was still concusseed.
12/30/2003 c1 27Electra Fairford
I'm willing to cede cricket superiority over baseball...but fencing's still the best sport of all. Hahaha. Very good essay: you managed to hold onto my (somewhat flighty) attention despite my general aversion toward team/ball sports. Kudos.
12/6/2003 c1 RainShadow2005
I've never thought cricket was a boring or overly complex game. I don't see a lot of it around here, but I've always liked what little I know about it. My grandfather was from England, and he loved cricket, so I've always had a respect for such things.
I was actually glad to read this essay because I've always wanted to know more. I don't think you are wrong and, reading the reviews, it looks like a lot of people agree with you, too. :-)
11/12/2003 c1 20Once in a blue moon
You're completely wrong!

Not really, but you made it so enticing by having it just sitting at the bottom of the page, I had to write it! :)

Now, really. I am a soccer player/fan. I suppose if you don't play the game and/or you see a mucky team, you don't really appriciate it. I won't go into it, rather, it might take a whole essay, but I will say that football (as an American game) has to be my least favorite sport. I mean, they just go ramming into eachother! Either way, I find cricket (when they occasionally show it on the BBC, which they braodcast here as well) interesting, as a sport, and hey, don't let me stand in you way to watching it (isn't the World Series palyed for MORE than 5 days?)! Seriously, don't all games have difficult rules, if it gets down to it? Or even making a comparison to language, which almost always breaks its rules and has to make new ones!

Anyway, interesting essay. I shall leave now, as I have already gone on for too long. :)
11/1/2003 c1 7suzibean
I'm amazed. I've never understood cricket (still don't) but yet you managed to hold my attention! Hmm, maybe the next time the Test matches are on BBC Scotland i'll watch more than five minutes without getting bored. You never know. Oh! One thing I'm still utterly confused about is why they inspect the pitches (the fans as well, i believe) before the game. Ok, so I get the basic reason, to check they are in good condition, but I've never ever learnt the tradition behind it. I would be interested to know! Maybe that could be a second chapter that could enthrall me, and possibly turn me on to cricket more than previously.

Good Essay.

10/27/2003 c1 HoneyB
My grandfather is a huge fan of cricket, but I never seem to find the time to watch it to understand the rules :-$

Good essay on this, and it seems to have cleared up the confusion (a little bit) in my head over cricket.
10/18/2003 c1 54Werecat99
I have NO idea about cricket. But this did not stop me from reading -and enjoying- this.

Good work, as always.
10/17/2003 c1 8cramer
I'm actually quite intrested in cricket, partly because the game is named after an insect, but thats beside the point. This was very insightful. Its also intresting to read brit writing. The climax of it all was when you said: "Utter, utter rubbish". Hahaha, i got tickled over that exclamatory remark. I liked this and i like your style. Keep writing about cricket. Maybe you could email me and explain it in a bit more detail... i got sort of lost in your definition... i know it sounds simple when you know the game, but i haven't the slightest idea... thanks
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