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for Finite Words

4/20/2007 c1 Orual
Excellent explanation of the inadequecies (I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong; I don't have access to a spell checker right now.) of words. Your questions illustrated your intent very nicely. I enjoyed this.

Just a nitpick, though: "here" should be "hear."
12/19/2005 c1 73Jezsh
1/13/2005 c1 4Min Farshaw

one tiny mistake I noticed, which may be me being stupid if it is on purpose

in the line:

Can your ears somehow herewhat my muted lips cannot tell?

is here supposed to be hear? (I was reading your bio and you did ask people to point these things out to you...) anyway, once more, Beautiful, I really liked the emotion~Min
11/23/2003 c1 3creatureofnite
Very pretty and accurate to the situation.

I like the title, the choice of (ironically) words is excellent.

Er, line two: here-hear. But other than that, GORGEOUS. n_n
11/20/2003 c1 Laksha
Lovely poem. If it's any consolation, I have the same problem. Damn the whole English language for being imprecise about certain things!
10/29/2003 c1 Lupo
Wow. This is... magnificent. It's powerful, very moving. And it makes me wonder... hmm... =D A couple crits, though. "Or must I really upon..." I'm guessing you meant "rely?" Also, this may have been intentional, but you didn't capitalize the first letter of every line. But, then again, this isn't your traditional poem. Anyway, good job. =)

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