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for Slit Wrist Theory

11/21/2004 c1 35Jisu
Wow! You did a great job in letting Christians know that whenever we get the chance, we should tell others just how much God loves them:) You never know when the person sitting next to you might never come back. Great job!

10/14/2003 c1 27Koeryn
wow... uhm... wow... side of you ive never seen before love... but a good poem nonetheless...*sigh* I though about saying id do my best to keep you from these moods, but that would be a tad hhypocritical... oh well... ttyl My Huntress of the night.
10/13/2003 c1 2SilverBeliever
Wow Im a Christian But your right about this Sometimes You think the only way out is to die (If you cant tell the poem would fit me) But away it vary well done vary good job on it

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