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for Warbroken Girl

1/18/2004 c1 pieces
Chilling. Jesus, is *everything* chilling these days? With my father standing to the side and I'm scared he's going to read this ... well, I wouldn't doubt anything. Not one thing. I'm very impressed. Keep writing.
10/18/2003 c1 79CrimsonCat
omg.. the emotion behind this made me cry. How are you ever going to decide between this one and the other?

This is how you live. This is how you live among the dying; this is how you live among the already dead. And this is how you die yourself. - I love that part. This story seems to have details from your own life like the other one, the details are just hidden in this one. Almost like.. if you really want to know then you're going to have to work for the details. This piece seems more distanced.. I can see you in it, but it's like you're hidden behind a sheet of glass... I can see you but can't touch you? In the last one, it felt like I could reach out and touch you if I really wanted to... I hope I'm being helpful in some way. I really love this one though... I like the repetitive 'this is how'.

off topic - I loved your review for An Easy Brutality. And I love that you know what I'm trying to say.. and the exact tone I'm trying to use. subdued weariness. wide-eyed desperation. That was it exactly. And yes, I really have noticed that we are both constantly searching for answers. Maybe that's another reason I love your work so much. What you write often mirrors what I'm trying to write, or what I'm feeling.. You are my favourite writer. You are amazing.

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