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for Vampiric

5/20/2004 c1 Darwyn Reyes
I Think That it's a piece of crap poem.It's not even a damb story, it's a damb poem.Beter luck next time dickhead. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
1/31/2004 c1 12Aurora Elvenstar
Cool. Although I'm not that into vampires, it is really good. You are excellent at writting about mystical creatures.
1/23/2004 c1 75Amora Elvenstar
OMG. This is wonderful. You really have a knack for writing about the supernatural. Your talent is obvious and I am envious. Keep up the good work and I look foward to more on vampires.
10/17/2003 c1 14Raining Dreams
oh -stares in awe- thats AWESOME!
10/14/2003 c1 8Vaio
eep! this i think is one of the best poems you have ever written! not just because its about vampires either the words flow soo smoothly
10/14/2003 c1 Shadow
It was very good. I liked it. Put it on that website I told you about!

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