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7/3/2004 c1 12SkyeWolf25
Interesting start here Alareic, I like it though. Pretty good, pretty good, though I defenitaly like TTD and CA the best. Still I'll continue on. Also, I have just updated a story you reviewed a while back, "The Legend of Macanar and Tarlna". Well catch ya later.
7/2/2004 c17 2Callie Rose
Wow this was very interesting. i feel bad for Kaia. I really liked Jason. but oh well.
6/28/2004 c17 11Wolfie Star26
love it and sorry for not reading it sooner, but i do have a few fics. hehe anyway, i love this and now on to the sequel. lata.
12/24/2003 c17 daynaflame
WOnderful story! ! ! ! ! Can't wait for the sequel! ! ! ! ! ^_^
(sorry . . . I'm a little to happy today)
^_~ Winter Dream ^_~
12/23/2003 c17 13KimmyStarr
great story. i really like it. some part could probaly be beefed up abit. And i still can't believe Jason died.
11/21/2003 c1 L0O
11/18/2003 c5 10DrunkenMonkeyKing
Ok, that last bit was slightly confusing. I'm gonna have to add this to my favorites so i can finish it later.
11/18/2003 c4 DrunkenMonkeyKing
Not to much to say this chapter, but its starting to seem a bit more goofy than horrifying. Not sure if you were going for that or not... Maybe it's just the light-hearted opening of your story...
11/18/2003 c3 DrunkenMonkeyKing
Great finish for this chapter, but like I said before, stuff seems to happen to quickly. Plus, Jason's mom said to be back before eight... yet they left at 7:46... ok, so maybe 8 in the morning?
11/18/2003 c2 DrunkenMonkeyKing
Good story, (as you know if I'm still reading it) however, things seemed to be moving a bit too fast. Plus, the thing with Julian giving the doctor a note five minutes before he died? seemed, kinda, well... unrealistic. I'll keep reading though, so don't take my comments too harshly.
11/15/2003 c17 8furry creature
realy good! it finished at the right itme, and you've ended it for a sequel so i'm definetly gonna read the next.well done, a god stor,y bu in the next one, make your chapters longer please? anyways, that was great, really, well done. furry creature wasmy old name, and i changed it back. well done. really.you're laready on my favourites
11/14/2003 c17 105emo love
so this is the end of this one and they're goin in a huge war? of what? wolves? hmm...i guess that's pretty cool...

gj ^.^
11/12/2003 c15 emo love
...i like bob...he's pimp...

but i'm sorrie, i don't have ne ideas for an ending...

but this is a good story...
11/12/2003 c15 daynaflame
Just finished reading . . . And I dont really have any ideas for an ending . . . but I hope somebody does! ^_^

^_~ Winter Dream ^_~
11/12/2003 c10 daynaflame
OK I've read 10 chapters! *Go me!* I'm gonna read the rest later . . . but this story is the BEST! ^_^ Good job! ^_^

^_~ Winter Dream ^_~
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