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11/7/2003 c4 17Trinity of Dreams
different for once, i liked it
10/30/2003 c3 Trinity of Dreams
Honey all you did was repeat what is in chap 1 over.
10/29/2003 c3 frozenflames
wow! i really enjoyed your story. i like the mysteries and relationships between the characters, and how you're able to hold the reader's attention. your writing style is good too.

there are only trivial spelling mistakes here and there, but overall i can't pick anything else out (besides the fact that the chapters are repeated).

keep writing! :) (oh, can you tell me what's going to happen? i promise i won't tell! ;) )
10/22/2003 c2 Trinity of Dreams
all you did was repeat yourself.
10/18/2003 c1 Trinity of Dreams
You have interested, intrigued, confused, saddened, angered me in ways i did not think possibe. I loved it it was confuse in if you will answer this question: will there be a happy ending?
10/16/2003 c1 30Roadside Dryer
I like your story. I can't read it all now so I'll find it later. One tip though is add so more detail. It's really good though.

^ ^

-he he
10/16/2003 c1 2Aharah Musici
Wow, Hell's Angel you finally got the guts to put this up!

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