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for Calculus

3/3/2006 c1 4MarlaCorbin
*thumbs up* short but sweet. I likie, K going to read your story now *waves and runs away* Ja ne
12/1/2003 c1 Claire
neh...howdy love! is ur bestfriend of all ages here...yes u know. i love ur story but the big words confuse me..maybe one day u can desifer it in retard terms mk. i love u pooh bear!
claire bear
10/25/2003 c2 16whatica
ah i dont get how this has anything to do with not doing anything in calculus. i m a freshmen right now, and i m in geometry, and i do nothing in my math class too, but i at least do my other homework or write,

(usally write ^_^, so i guess i do do something in math) but anyways its good in the aspect of not like calculus in anyway, but then again... it kinda makes sense in a weird kinda way... but i dunno what i m talking about

so yea

if you get a chance, i no your probally pretty busy being in college and all, check out something of mine

10/16/2003 c1 00Anonymous00
Ennui huh? The rich men's disease of boredom

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