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for An Easy Brutality

1/14/2004 c1 Kit
I love your words. I love all your poems. Your finishing verses are always so real, and always sum up the emotion of the poem.
11/30/2003 c1 AVIGON
There's so much feeling in this. There are many poems that are fun to read, there are quite a few poems that leave you wondering, there are only a couple of poems that mean so much more than just their words... You put entire scenes and a lot of pictures in my head with this one.
10/21/2003 c1 16Chrissy444
Well Ms Cat, you've done it again... added another favourite Kitty poem to my ever growing list. I love this one! Let it flow sweetie!

10/19/2003 c1 Strayct
I like it, especially the way you explain that you cant explain things.

I love the ending too

I am a part cat, Romantic-to-the-core person to, do you wanne correspont? we can talk about anything at al. if you want (or dont) could you email me at , even if it is to say no

10/18/2003 c1 84Jaclyn

*reads over and over and over and...*

This is perfect, CC. It's...perfect. The tone is just the right mix of subdued weariness and wide-eyed desperation, and the words you chose carry that message powerfully because you don't beat us over the head with it. Sometimes the simple words are best, strongest. Great example - the first verse. I LOVE it, dammit.

But then you spice it up with the kind of inspired imagery that makes me happy: My words aren't strong enough, I fear,/to carry us safely/over the rapids of saltwater eternities.

Saltwater eternities! That's gorgeous.

I love the sadness in 'no way to meet in the middle'. By the way, we're totally on the same wavelength. A while ago - probably a year or two back - I tried writing a poem that I could never quite finish; it just petered out in the middle. I don't know why. I haven't thought of it in ages (in fact, I'm surprised I remember it at all), but this poem reminded me of it. *tries to find it* *a few min later* Ah ha...your first verse reminded me of my first verse:

what do you do when you're supposed/

to know all the answers but/


there are no answers to give/

Oh. Well, that's sorta different. Nonetheless, it reminded me of it (you notice how both of us keep writing poems that search for answers?), and the 'stranded on opp banks of reality...no way to meet in the middle' also reminded me a failed poem. So I heartily wish you congratulations for this accomplishment. It's a poignant, powerful poem with so many layers, each saying so much. I'm rambling in its presence :)

Fourth verse - *sigh* The quiet acceptance of guilt in the parentheses is heartrending.

Last verse - owie. Flinch. Amazing. Title - WOW. I *love* it. I love titles that at first glance seem like they should be oxymoronic, but when you *look* at them...they aren't. At all. Which is what makes them so disquieting and scary.

*checks add story to my faves*

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