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for Aftermath of A Suicide Attempt

1/14/2004 c1 Kit
This poem made me cry. Not only because of the emotions that are involved and the memories that it brings back. But because I remember how you cried with me for a woman that not only hurt me an dmy family but you and yours. It is reasons like this that makes me love you more and more each moment.
12/2/2003 c1 AVIGON
Now there's a poem that can make a girl teary-eyed.
I realize that you probably wrote this with a particular situation in mind, but I hope you don't mind that it becomes one of my own personal situations when reading this. So thank you for letting me steal this... it makes it less hard to look back at that time.
On a lighter note: awesome poem, I can't even begin to say.
10/21/2003 c1 16Chrissy444
I dunno... I didn't feel this one as much as others... still good use of expressions. I really like the line

"We were outside of the world

and falling in upon our grief" catches my eye.

Kinda has the "I guess you have to be there" feel to it tho... maybe why it isn't hitting.

10/18/2003 c1 84Jaclyn
Wow. Firstly - holocaust survivors. I liked that you didn't try to surround that with meaningless...oh, I can't find the word. I'm trying to say that I liked that you let those two little words speak for themselves, because they pack SUCH a punch. Diluting them with platitudes is a disrespect. So yay for you on recognizing that :)

I love the repition of 'moment' and the slight suspense that comes along with it. And the last line...oh, makes me want to bawl right along with that "you."

[Unrelated PS: *sounds all forlorn* Why has no one reviewed my two short little prose-es? They're due Monday :-O ...I need opinions on whether or not they're too angsty or freakish to give in! Please, CC? :) :) :) Though no pressure... *realizes this might be taken to mean that MY reviews had an ulterior motive behind them, to which I must respond with a really loud NO! Never. I would never, ever, ever increase/lessen my reaction to a poem. Though with your poems, I would never need to increase my reaction at all ;) Thanks if you can; no worries if you can't *hug*]

Back to the poem, and its title. I hope this isn't from real life. Or at least, recent life. :( I hope we will all be...okay. Such a simple little word. So hard to find. I would give it to you if I could.

I love this poem.
10/17/2003 c1 7Irish Bud
This is totally how I feel. I recently just had my best friend try to commit suicide while sitting right next to me. Needless to say I saved his life. But everyone is so troubled especially me. you made this poem exactally the way that I felt. I've been having trouble expressing my emotions but, 'We sat there like holocaust survivors

unable to weep or blink or breathe.

We were outside of the world

and falling in upon our grief." Just totally describes it.Thank you. Please read my poem "trouble me" It was for the same person before his attempt.
10/17/2003 c1 191Trinity Joselyn Carter
that was so brief yet so touching. it is so sad... you should write a story based on the poem... just an idea, it would be a good story though

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