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for Haiku's for the sarcastic

11/30/2004 c2 127godawful teen-angst poetry
7/26/2004 c2 58mapofyourhead
Yay for sarcasm! It's a very fun little haiku. Love the last line.
10/25/2003 c2 8glitterjewele
LOL this is funny. :P yay you updated! i almost can't believe it. i was beginning to think you were dead :P. and if the rest of the haikus you're planning to put in this collection are as humorous as this one, then i certainly have plenty of entertainment to look forward to. :P love the title, too, by the way. what a great thing to write about! i never would have thought of it myself . . . great job, post again SOON! ;)
10/20/2003 c2 47The intellect
this made me laugh, nice wording, is this about spitting in a sandwich b4 givin it to someone lol

gd gd

10/19/2003 c1 59swirlygirl
very different i look forward to more!
10/19/2003 c2 3Ruby-servantof-eli
*sorts* Well at least I know you did write this :D

10/18/2003 c2 40AvaRicE
Dude, you rock the Haiku world. *nods*

Seriously - your way with words is amazing :D

Moremoremore! :D :D
10/17/2003 c2 28Crimson Scythe
Well, that's an new topic. It's interesting and creative though. Nice work. Keep writing, Crimson Scythe (Lanti Arlit)
10/17/2003 c2 35rocket baby doll
hehehe... i loved the last line, made me laugh...

Keep it up!
10/17/2003 c2 18Brentdechef
u r mad, u do scare me, but i see ur point i like it, HAHAHAHAHAHA, revenge. keep em coming
10/17/2003 c2 612simpleplan13
lol... crazy! very fun... i love sarcasm!

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