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1/4/2014 c30 Sia
Thank you for writing this story. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the installments. You are very talented.
8/20/2013 c30 1frostwind
so I have finally reached the end of that wonderful adventure.

damn that was amazing, i couldnt pull myself away from it. I finished the trilogy in one day, and even so it was already morning again i still couldn't sleep because i can't stop myself from thinking about it.

i'd say the third was the most powerful, it moved me alot. it also had enough of everything, romance, tragedy, action, etc. just perfectly balance, though i didn't say i dont like the other two, they were awesome as well.

dying main characters were a huge shock for me, it was all going perfectly, the tension built up for half the story then bam, you decide to kill them in one sentence flat ;) it's like you grow to love the characters so much that when they do disappear it feels like something huge was torn away from you and that's actually a good thing since it moves readers so much and you executed it perfectly.

it's a bit sad to know that it ends here, as i had said, as you get to love the characters. but that feeling is a good thing too. i can assure you that i had really enjoyed reading this, and i do thank you for writing such amazing piece.

btw, lonryo still hasn't fully forgive Roshau yet right?
12/28/2011 c30 Greeneyes616
Oh I love this trilogy! I read through all three stories as fast as I could, because of how amazing they are. Wonderful job!
2/11/2011 c30 Daffodils
my fav part in this story was ofcourse betweenArgenfon and his Tiazi ! :) but i liked the whole story.. just that the end was so much tregic ! i really hoped they didn't die.. they really didn't have to either :'( (tear) sigh...

I luved all ur stories ! you are a great writer
6/9/2010 c30 Last Wish
The series ended :( I will miss Lonryo although it is sad to see Argenfon die (I had a feeling ruby would have something to do with blood in the beginning). Great stories and yes your English did improve haha
11/14/2009 c30 1QueenofRoses
I just finished reading all three of these stories, and despite the few hiccups here and there, I really enjoyed them! I know you finished them awhile ago, but it always does the heart good to hear someone is reading your stuff! Thanks for writing it and giving me a break from school. They are lovely stories and a well thought out, creative world.
5/1/2009 c30 Chuck
Not a bad story. I noticed numorous spelling and gramar errors throughout the series though, as well as some sceens that could have been expanded. I would reread all three stories carefully. I'd wait atleast a month so that the stories are out of yor mind before I read them though. I would reread all three stories, including the revised version of Dragon's gift.
7/6/2006 c30 2DestroX
Good ending to a good story. and if you need someone to edit your stories, i'm always willing to do it. just e-mail me the stories and i'll get started on them right away.
7/6/2006 c30 MysteriousStranger
What can I say, I'm a passionate reader! ^^Lovely ending! Bravo! Bravo! If I could get the computer to squeal in delight, I would.Yeah, editing would take a lot of time, believe me, I know, but if you end up being the next Tolkien, so be it!Ya hear that world? *points at Sati* So be it!
6/30/2006 c29 MysteriousStranger
Y'know, I didn't listen to music during this chapter and my heart STILL leapt into my throat. I don't think I breathed through most of the fight!I think it would be a good idea to put up an epilogue, unless you're planning on doing a fourth story, but I doubt you are.Woohoo! You're pretty much done now, huh? I've said this before, and I might say it again!: When you're done revising, get published! And if you have to self publish, so be it! ^_^
6/30/2006 c29 DestroX
trust me, your writting is getting better, as is this story in direct relation, or whatever it is i'm trying to say. but all in all, keep the stories coming, so that i can review them.
6/27/2006 c28 DestroX
well, i was close, sorry about the late reviews, but i got caught up in a couple of things. you were right, this is a non-cliche ending. i really enjoyed all of your stories so far, and hope for stories of the same quality in the future.
6/25/2006 c28 MysteriousStranger
I'm your only reviewer? The world must have gone mad! Mad I tell you!So bittersweet. *sob* Why did I have to listen to sad music at the time? I gotta stop doing that. Bad habits.Go, Tiatzi, fly! Be brave! Gosh, this cliffhanger is killing me! ^^ So close yet so far away! *screams*P.S.~ if you ever find yourself bored, I have a story here at fictionpress, finally. My penname here is "Pickle-eating Kangaroo." ^^
6/23/2006 c28 15justine dayea
What happened? HE DIED. Kinda heartbreaking but, that's the way it is. Oh well, not all endings end like the ones we expect them to be. Sacrifices are made to have a better ending. it's like saying the end justifies the means.

though it was a sad chapter, i'll say keep up the good job. dont be so hard to yourself.It only strengthens my belief that artists/writers themselves are their own worst critics.

6/18/2006 c27 MysteriousStranger
All I can do right now is give you one, big, happy smile.
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