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8/26/2007 c4 toxic-noodle725
ok seriously...

u have to update!



3/25/2005 c4 FadingDarkness
Hey I just got done reading all of this. I read "The Game" and than "The Game 2" and than I just got done finishing reading this one up to chapter 4 and I must say that I absolutley love this story. Are you gonna update soon? I sure hope so and I really hope Normrak shows up in the next chapter. Again PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON I'M BEGGING YOU LOL... jk...but seriously I need to know what is going to happen next.It's been so long since you last updated. Too long really. You didn't give up on this story did you? I sure hope not.Anyway I have to go now. Keep up the amazing work! And please tell me that you haven't given up on this story. I will die if you did lol!
8/1/2004 c4 Pyrope
Where has our fearless leader gone? I miss my fearless leader! Are you alright? I hope that your life has untangled itself and maybe soon you'll get inspiration to continue writing. I know how hard it can be to get inspiration and then how hard it is to actually write the damn chapter out. Sometimes characters just don't behave. Well, I truly hope that you're okay and that you'll come back to writing this story soon. Your skill is not one to be wasted. But if you';ve lost inspiration for this story, it's understandable that it would be discontinued, but I hope (really really hope!) that this story isn't over! I cannot wait to see what twist you come up with next! Or perhaps at least hear from you to know whether or not this trilogy has reached its end. I can't wait to see that update appear and then I'll tell you how much I scream and pee my pants, though I'm not sure you want me to pee my pants or even hear about it... Well That's something for me to consider while I wait for the update! Remember, your story is well loved and I personally would hate to see you stop writing alltogether. Stopping a story isn't a huge deal if you feel it's necessary. But I beg of you to not stop writing, even if it's not this story. Can't wait to hear from you. Ramble is over! Wow. It was a big ramble wasn't it? Sorry for any typos. I have issues with those! LOL.
5/5/2004 c4 7Rains
I decided I owe you a review! (Well, loads really!) I just spent ages reading The Game, then The Game II, and I finally reached The Game I!
I really like them and can't wait for the next chapter to find out what happens to Raina + Nash, and if Normrak will be back.
Please update soon!
3/28/2004 c4 15sin of darkness
I wonder what would happen now that Raina doesn't remember? I really enjoy this story. Keep up with the good writing
3/16/2004 c4 FakeLover
First of all, I love this story. Or should I say, series, really, cause this is part 3 already :p
It's well, written, and your characters are interesting. Especially Normrak, I'm just dying to see when and where he'll turn up again =)
Update soon and keep up the good work!
1/31/2004 c4 fantasyluver
Hey whats up? I absolutely luv your story. I cant believe that cliff hanger. I mean you just stop. I sat there for a few minutes when it just ended LOL What is up with Normack I thought he would have changed by now. Oh well. LOL. cant wait for her to get her memory back its a good twist i'm still trying to figure out what happened to all of them though. anyway cant wait for an update
1/27/2004 c2 6Estelle Stafford
1/23/2004 c4 Pyrope
Good. Normrak will be back. It's a funny story how I injured my wrist. I woke up and it hurt.. still not sure how I did it. Must;ve hit it during the night or somthing. I can sympathize with the hetic life. Mine's been absolutly crazy right now, which would explain why i didn't review the second that you updated. This chapter was great as usual. But poor Raina forgetting everything.. how could she forget Normrak? Maybe he'll show up and bring back her memory... We can only hope... Well I'll be back next chapter to review!
1/19/2004 c4 Emerald
Yey! u updated! *Dances around* And it is um... Well...um it is an entertaining situation. Hehe, won't it be interesting when Normrak decides to show up. Ahem neways. Well i can't wait till u update again. And just out of all curiousity, when is Normrak gonna show up? unless of course Normrak is being stuborn and won't say when he's gonna show up...but neways. Oh well, please update soon! And i'm sry ur life is a mess and i hope everything gets better. And i would ask u to join the "Life is a Mess club" but i'm not sure if there is one yet...there is a "Life is a Soap Opera club" ahem but that's beside the point. Update when u can. Thanx.
1/19/2004 c4 Qutieslave
Now the plot become clearer that's cool... Interesting :)
1/19/2004 c4 smile
FINALLY u updated! :D:D Hehe, waited for so long. *pouts* Pls update faster lar. *nudges* :D:D Hehee, great chp. Poor Raina, forget everything but actually it is good in way. She no need to suffer from those pain cos by Normrak. And I wonder what happen to her son? Hope he still alive. :) Wonder when Normarak will find out abt Raina condition and wat will celi and Taile do to help her to regain her memory? Can't wait to noe wat is the next chp. :D
Update SOON!
1/18/2004 c4 Miss Construed
hey this is shadycreek...i can't believe you cut it off like that. you must must post the next chapter soon or i will be very very disappointed. I really liked this chappie too
1/18/2004 c4 flying blind
awesome chapter.
aw poor raina she lost her memory..
Normrak comes back soon right? please?
feel soory for taile.. hses gonna go well psycho at him after he tells her she has a son.
I'm reading to much in to Cali's comment? ok then, my bad sorry.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/17/2004 c4 3Forrest Nymph
Dont worry your computers not evil. Its just a conserace! Oh well. Ha Ha Ha! Raina lost her memory! I still think Normrak kiddnapped his own son! Poor child if his life continues like this, he'll turn out worse than Normrak. If thats possible *shakes head* which I doubt...
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