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12/27/2003 c1 29black lipstick girl
You reviewed my poem so I wanted to review yours! I really like this poem! It really describes how teachers act...
12/9/2003 c1 79deepdown
*hugs* aww dont think like that hun, teachers are evil creatures anyway. dont hate me, but im quite smart, and i hate it! teachers dont like me, they all hate me. i absolutely hate being smart, i get shitted every day for it, because im 'different' - im a 'boffin'. people seem to think that i stay up all night studying, and that i suck up to teachers. i dont! i hate homework, and i flick ink at teachers. school sucks. and dont feel bad, isnt it your friends that count, not these fucked up aliens called teachers? be happy, there is more to life.
11/27/2003 c1 44superfufu
i would say... who cares bout them? they're just insignificant stains to my peace, even how lifeless.
11/19/2003 c1 Laksha
lovely...keep up the great work!
10/29/2003 c1 Traced In Green
Ha, I liked this one. I never liked teachers that picked favorites. Good job.


10/20/2003 c1 Ian
I know exactly how you feel.
10/20/2003 c1 Jason X
I rather like this ...it reminds me of my last school.

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