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5/23/2014 c1 10IhaveNoAmbition969
Sorry, but the first chapter is not very good; first off indent more! there are less than than ten paragraphs! Also stop putting in so many periods! The plot and location of the story I won't complain about because this is your story so I will suck it and deal with it. Hopefully the next chapters will be better.
9/30/2004 c4 5umbrius
KYR: Small minds are easily amuzed, I suppose.
JOE: About the authors note at the end, we know *MISS*(HAHA) Lordultima, he . . . oops, 'shi' really talks like that, or close to it.
KYR: Though it has been a long time since we have spoken to Adam.
BOTH: Great voilently bloody chapter, MA, can't wait to read more, but once again, ran out of time.
9/27/2004 c3 umbrius
JOE: Bestrafe Mich? Ich dank NEIN!
KYR: Shut up Joey, or I WILL hurt you.
JOE: (MAKES A MOCKING FACE) Shut your face Queerana.
KYR: (Gives Joey a very low punch) Any way, nice story so far, but we've run out of time today to read any more.
JOE: . . .
KYR: We'll try for more tomorrow, won't we Joey. . .He nodded, he can't talk at the moment. LATERZ!
9/27/2004 c2 umbrius
JOE: Hmm, interesting chapter. Maybe you should read the stories by Bernard Doove.
KYR: Ooh, chakats are nice.
JOE: HAH! Who's stupid now?
KYR: You are, of course.
JOE: But. . .you. . .where. . .(Grumble)
KYR: Hehe, anyway, you should read our stories as well. Like your story, still.
9/27/2004 c1 umbrius
JOE: Yo! Wuz up?
KYR: TALK NORMAL YOU IDIOT! (Smacks Joey in the back of his head.)
JOE: OW! Sor-ry!
KYR: We heard about you from Lordultima.
JOE: Yeah, he's really (*COUGHGAYCOUGH*) KEWL!
KYR: Interesting story, he told us that this was the basis for his "A Wolves Quest" story.
JOE: I like your story too, (SCREAMS) YIFFYIFFYIFFYIFF. . .YEAH! ! ! !
KYR: Forgive my idiot counterpart, but we do like your story so far, but we haven't seen any "adult scenes"-
JOE: Not yet stoopeed, dis is da intro ch. . . DUH!
BOTH: Later! Can't wait to read more.
4/27/2004 c6 The FLAME
Hey, you flaming butmunch, I'll still be putting up all 365 of them up, even if it does take me more than a year to do as I had origionally intended, and HURRY YOUR FUZZY ASS UP... update man, before I get in to the 50's
2/25/2004 c6 1Zephyr Analea
no more 'random' reviews, as in no more anonymous?
well, anyway, to the point. poor Z got mascara? that has got to be the SCARIEST thing in this world...great job.
2/24/2004 c6 13LordUltima
Bookya! You finally put that in you hozer! Well... now all that's left is to get you a sprint phone and a usb cable to connect it to your computer (I'll explain later) K, now for the accual review!
**Points at the "T" compound** I think I'll be going into my little bule fluid soon enough... and where are the other ones within the group members located? @ As for the "flavor of the weel club" ^-^ Kawaii... but you are still a henta baka for doing that, then again, I should shut my face. And what happened to that last photo?
2/11/2004 c5 1Zephyr Analea
i jus got an account...and needed to add you to fav list...^-^
2/1/2004 c5 13LordUltima
Flavor of the week... Intresting, well I got my little chunk of stuff in here and the stuff you added was good. I would like it if you could shorten your chapters so that they don't end up burining the readers eyes. Question though, what did happen between Muffy and Charlie?
I'll be watching ^_^
2/1/2004 c5 Zephyr
woo, very long, and very random. chasing butterflies? ...dejavu. well, anyway, g'job!
1/21/2004 c4 Zephyr
wow, nice battle scene there...REALLY reminds me of sumthin professionals would put in their tournament stories...hey, are you a professional writer?
1/21/2004 c4 LordUltima's Biatch
I noticed some, what I presume to be, "Author blurbs" in charlies opening "speeh" They are nice and all, but they dont add to the plot and are not necessary. And could someone please explain to me what in the seven hells is going on here? I know what this is, and I know why it's here, but it still bugs me... It would be fun to watch some fury's duke it out... but... Ok, enough of that, Story is going good so far and I want to know is when do you get down to the intresting "Stuff"? If you dont get that, all I can say is furies
1/21/2004 c1 LordUltima's Biatch
Life isnt always fair, but things tend to get better, and yes I am doing this because LordUltima made me... the ass. Other than that, It would be nice if you could give some deeper background information on the school because its hard to understand why it even exists.
1/21/2004 c2 LordUltima's Biatch
Lets see... so far we have a white Tiger fury, a wolf.. and a bunch of psycotic siblings. Intresting start, might want to go into further detail on how they got that way, because it is hard to comprehend at this point
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