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3/29/2005 c1 unhealing wound
Good story! Maybe you should relax. Must be under 200Kpa of pressure. And one more thing, why would it hurt your best friend? Is she in love with the same guy? or is she in love with you?
11/12/2003 c1 21Crystal Snowflakes
Heya Jenny,

Anyhow, if you feel like you need to talk to someone, you know I'm always there...well, that is IF you feel comfortable with talking to me Lol. I tend to...frighten some people *sweatdrops* and I thought I was a real sweet person, rofl. Anyhow, jk. *hugs* Hope you feel better, kay? Won't force you to tell me anything, cuz when you wanna tell, you'll tell.

You aren't alone in this whole mess... Just to tell you that =) We all have our own little problems, little problems that screw up our whole life, but mind you, still little problems =)

If you love the people, then you will want them to share your pain with you along with your happiness. After all, should it not be the one who is pained to judge whether they want to be hurt or not? If your talking with hurt someone and they don't want to be hurt, then that person's not exactly your friend. (No offence, *).

Anyhow, real long review. But yep =) See you later! *hugs* ipp today, hhaahahhaha! i've gone insane
10/25/2003 c1 14Chen
sure... the above is 'fiction'... yes... ^o)

Anyways... you can always talk to me... things gets numb after a while, k? Don't put everything inside your heart... hurts... a lot...

Take care...

Nice piece!

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