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5/28/2010 c2 4HighOnBrokenWings
Formatting issues?

Still, I liked it, even if it did move fast, and seemed slightly as if this was the whole acceptance in this first chapter. I'm guessing you've put this story on hold, as it hasn't been updated for years. I'd love to see you continue it, or rewrite it or something :)
5/28/2010 c1 HighOnBrokenWings
Very interesting sounding...

It was then that I looked at the publish date and I realised that you wrote this like SEVEN years ago! Wow. I'm not sure that I even had the internet then! Still, I really liked reading it, and I could only imagine how much your writing talents have developed since then :)
3/28/2010 c2 25BacchaeBombshell
This is so good, ahh keep posting! :D
5/5/2009 c2 MockingJuliet
Im certainly very interested. You've done a good job. Please update soon :)
2/10/2005 c2 13Tenshistar
I really like this story. i hope yo continue to update because you really have soemthign there. i can totally see a very good story coming out of this. Keep it up.
1/28/2005 c2 11arachibutyrophobia
Okay, dont get me wrong, its an interesting plotline, but like u need to break up that paragraph into smaller ones its hard to read. Write longer chappies...r u going to continue this? if so, tell me and I would love to read any new chappies.
11/5/2003 c2 2Laralie
Oh I like this so far! Its a realistic story too...I am interested to so where it goes and what happens to Marlie (love that name by the way). Thanks for reviewing "Love at first sight". It means a lot to get reviews and I thrilled you liked it. Thanks

10/22/2003 c1 HyeRyeong
Sorry to the person that reviewed before me, but you can't see a story developing here? I definitely can! It's well written, except instead of apostrophes you got ")" instead. Perhaps you could add more detail to the characters. Was her father a mean man to begin with? Did they fight a lot? And what about Ethan? I'm sure those things come up later in the story. Especially about Ethan. Explaining her daughter might make things a little more sympathetic as well. Does she look like Ethan or the main character? How does the character feel about Ethan after five long years? Does she miss him? Anyway, those are just some ideas. I hope you keep writing.
10/22/2003 c1 114Wren Craven
are you going to add more chapters? i can really see a story developing here...please continue! and if you get a chance, please r+r my work, too.

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