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1/14/2007 c3 1beloved18
woot i love the story
10/25/2005 c17 Darwin ruler of all
This story isn't finished! You haven't updated in AGES, it says, but it isn't finished! Feel my woe.

It's a brilliant story, I love the sidhe culture that you have fabricated / expanded upon / found out about. The characters are all really interesting - I particularly like Dwyn.

My only real negative comments - apart from the lack of finish-ment - is the fact that the story appears to revolve around sex. Don't get me wrong, I like lemon as much as anyone and you right it really well, but there seems to be a lot of writing in each chapter compared to the amount of plot going on.

Also, the fact is that maybe you should have separated out the two different stories a bit - it started out with the focus being on the woes of Dwyn and his lost memory and effed up love life, and while you've kept up that focus, the plot has turned from helping Dwyn sort himself out to helping Tristan save the world. I like both plots equally well, and the change was fluid enough to work, but it might have worked better if you turned the second half into a sequel, as you would have had some resolution, a point to move on from. I don't write much myself, but I always found it easier to progress from a point of rest than from on ongoing trail of storyline.

Well, those are my thoughts. I hope they aren't taken as being harsh - I really did enjoy the story heaps. The above points weren't real problems, they were just things that ocurred to me when writing this review.

I don't suppose an update would be offerable? Just for me?
9/19/2005 c17 annushka
very nice story! it has such an entertaining plot and is well written too ^_^ I so want to know what will happen aferwards... so please! don't drop that story!
7/1/2005 c17 Lutetia
finish it. now. now.
6/19/2005 c17 Krvinma
Good. I like it lots.
5/12/2005 c1 optimouse
I like the story that you have been writing, and your style! Lady above! You're good. I can only dream that I one day reach such skill. Thank You for giving me the chance to read it. Oh, and a bit of critique; perhaps you could lessen the side stories, they're distracting.-Kat
10/30/2004 c17 6Goldensong
As per usual, I loved it. An update would be really nice though, pleasey?
7/30/2004 c17 3alittlepilot
oh my god. i love everyone. im obsessed. oisin & jin & tris are glorious and i was in love with them right from the start. and now dwyn & keir. ah... beautiful. exciting. i laugh and cry and worry and lust and am dying to know what happens next. yep. it's decided. you're amazing.
7/29/2004 c17 SLDK89
Heh, I can see that Nia would LOVE to be given an excuse to start a fight with the goblins, all save one.. *glances at certain selkie* Poor Kier, needing to throw a tantrum so badly. XD I think Dwyn might be able to get used to the whole 'master' thing, don't you? ^_^~ It kinda reverses the order of the past, eh? Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/12/2004 c17 shizukashin
Oh god I love this story! I really want some more of the main story though *pouts* I love kitsunes! Yum! ^_^ meh. You rock! Keep writing! ^_^
5/4/2004 c17 Cannibalistic Smurf
I'm sorry for not reviewing the other chapters, but I read the whole thing at one go (I just started yesterday) and I love this story! your characters are so unique, and have there own voice(whichj I love, because in a lot of stories I read, all the characters talk the same way). I'm surprised that you havent gotten more reviews on this story... well, I hope you put the next chapter up soon. and now, I'm off to check out your other stories! yay!
4/12/2004 c17 technodragon78
Very good story. The fact that it kept my interest and is in first person(which I almost never read except for Laurel Hamilton)is really cool. Got lost a couple of times. But kept going. I will keep looking for update. May the muses be kind.
3/11/2004 c1 15queerromance
Hey I really like this so far! Thanx for the reviews! I've gotten up more since the last time you visited! Thanx again and keep writing!
1/22/2004 c14 Kwirtay
I can't believe that for how deliciously wicked this story is, you somehow have less than a continent's worth of reviews! Now, I'm more of a lime person, but for some reason, the way this story is written maybe, it compells me to read. Wicked, evil stuff, this is. Far too addictive...
1/5/2004 c15 redredredred
aw they're so sweet! ^-^ the fic is moving along nicely and te chapters are huge, so all's good! i love your characters and the angst was just delicious. it's good to have a respite from it sometimes... ^^ i hope you update soon, good luck!
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