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12/22/2003 c14 redredredred
so good! i adore this story- Dwyn and Keir are gorgeous! i hope you update soon! good luck
12/14/2003 c14 SweetSun
Oh my, a jealous Tris.. how cute! XD Love the chapter, love the story.. 'nough said. Please update soon! ^^
11/30/2003 c9 tmelange1
This story is fabulous. I figured I'd stop here and review before I read the side story. I have to say that I enjoy the pace and plotting of the story, and your characterizations are very well defined. I hope you continue to write this...more soon, please!
11/23/2003 c13 1nina-101
plz update soon
11/21/2003 c12 Margot
Your story is absolutely wonderful. I can see where you got your inspiration from Laurell k hamilton. The story is getting super good, i can't wait to read the next chapter. And what ever happend to tris and his uncle! i wanna know about who he is! (THE LOST HEIR PERCHANCE? or is that really just a saying?)
11/19/2003 c12 nina-101
this is getting even better plz update soon
11/19/2003 c12 SweetSun
Lemon lemon lemon! :D:D Me like XD (well, what do you expect? I'm a fangirl after all ;D) And that leanan adds quite a twist to it, who would have thought? ..except for the author of course :P I'm glad that the two of them seem to be getting closer and I hope that the biting-thing won't tear them apart.. :S Well, anyways, it's the normal begging: please update soon! :D :D

And oh yeah, the review before, it was supposed to say *lemon is good* not *lemon is god* :P I'm not THAT bad! ...I think... o.O
11/18/2003 c1 24Sunami Silverblade
Awesome! I've only read one chapter of this story and, honestly, I am hooked. ^_^ Keep going, and I'll try my best to catch up.
11/17/2003 c11 1nina-101
plz update soon
11/14/2003 c10 SweetSun
Aww, poor Keir.. ;_; All that for just being loyal to Dwin.. Honestly, if Dwin doesn't take Keir back then he is a hopeless twit! But those 6 days will surely be VERY interesting! ;D And believe me.. lemon is NOT bad.. lemon is god! ;)

But damn, I'm still so curious who Tris's dad is.. please update soon! (honestly, you're spoiling us by updating so frequently.. but that's all good! :D)
11/13/2003 c9 nina-101
plz udate soon
11/13/2003 c9 SweetSun
...a dual? Man, I knew Dwyn was a jealous bitch (male one yes, but still a bitch) but that he was that stupid..? No wonder Keir got enough! ..still, I hope they make up before anything serious happens.. :S

And Keir didn't say WHO Tris's dad was.. maybe that uncle of his will clear things up.. and what on earth happened to Keir?

Argh! I'm so curious now~~! Please update soon! ;D
11/12/2003 c8 newtypeshadow
oisin's dream makes me happy. as did all the making-up going around. i especially loved tris's journey with dwyn. it was like...peace and...yeah.

i'm a disney ho. :blush:

um...i really don't know what to say right now. (what is english?) the biggest thing is this: you've exchanged one giant mystery for an even /bigger/ one. i'd grr at you, but by doing so you made me happy.

how does weylin feel about kier now? (kier, who is so cool it's not even funny) also, what happened to tris's dad that kept him over the boarder? and could you tell more about the wars? :mumbles rudely about close-mouthed sidhe: (ok, so i'm a story ho too.)

on a random note: tris can't get high on anything exclusively sidhe or human. i don't know whether to be happy for him or laugh until my sides hurt. ^_^

ps. could an heir live in the elflands?
11/12/2003 c8 SweetSun
Yess, another chap! :D Danke schön for it. ;) I just like this story more and more! I'm glad that the three of them made up.. they fit so well together! :D

And the last bit of the chap.. now I can't help thinking of a pregnant Tris.. standing in a kitchen.. with an apron on and a big, wooden spoon in one hand... XD
11/11/2003 c7 SweetSun
Wow, I am so in love with this story! :D I really like all your stories mind you but I like this one best of all! ^^ All characters are very interesting and I really really want to know who Tristan's father is! XO I bet he's somebody important.. maybe he's the Lost Prince? How neat would that be.. ;) Although I can imagine Tris wouldn't be so happy to have an important dad ;P
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