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11/10/2003 c1 Sara
This is a really great story so far and I just can’t wait for the next bit. Not only a great story BUT a great story that’s regularly updated too. It just doesn’t get any better :-) I really like the characters thought a little more description in places wouldn’t go a miss such as rings and designs and people in general. At times the extensive use of dialogue becomes a bit choppy too read but in other places the style works perfectly.

I would have liked to have had a scene where ‘Dunham the vampire’ was ‘flirting’ with Tristan, and an explanation about how Jin managed to being Tristan back into his body.

Other that that all I can say is that the story so far is really fun and I hope that Tristan needs to turn invisible at some point and so actually has to put the bone Ruby gave him into his mouth. ;-)

Keep writing and regularly updating YOU ARE GREAT!
11/6/2003 c1 lupusdragon
LD: Well, now wasn't that just peachy?

Karen: This is pretty cool. I am getting all excited. ^_^

LD: Well, onward then.
11/5/2003 c5 newtypeshadow
sorry i haven't reviewed ch4. i rarely check my email on weekends.

why must i feel stupid? this pattern...now i must figure it out. :cry: (or you could post the next chapter...) okay, so is it...Lex...in the bedroom...with Clark Kent? (oh wait. excuse the recent 'smallville' fanfiction kick. i'll shut up now.)

seriously: does weylin like Kier? they've been friends for a long time, and weylin's got the cash (and connections, perhaps) to pay for an illegal memory wipe. Kier married Dwyn, who's 'beneath him', and then Dwyn disappeared and picked up a shoddy memory wipe along the way. also, Tristin "slept" with Kier, and call it a hunch, but i don't think weylin likes Tris all that much. :grin:

i love

' "Swived!"

I ducked.' Yeah, i lost it. it wasn't even soft snickering, it was full blown, embarassingly loud laughter. watch me yell that in the hall someday. hehehe.

dunno what to say about JTO yet. other than it was pretty to read. and i hope it works out. and talking to jin would /really/ put me on edge. and if weylin found out /Oisin/ was on the very bottom he's burst every blood vessel in his arrogant jerk body and die a very messy death. (nice.)

the paragraphs about "strange moments" and "alien eyes" (middle para and one following "eyes" included) were fantastic. i smiled and stopped reading for a moment just thinking about that odd feeling.

update soon!

ps. can Kier join the band? i love him.
11/2/2003 c5 1nina-101
plz update this is good
11/2/2003 c5 Am
Just thought I'd drop a note and tell you I'm very intrigued by your story and hope it is continued. I like Tris's thought process, like I said keep it up!
10/28/2003 c3 newtypeshadow
ooh, this story makes me so happy! ^_^ that 'oh, joy' made me giddy. anyways. i think my favorite line for this chapter was 'Wonderful. Now we know we're looking for an anal retentive homicidal maniac. That should narrow it down.' yeah. i lost it. the 'kill each other and save us...grief' was also very much loved.

if i were the drinking sort, i'd have gotten smashed too after trying to explain to my friends that weylan is responsible for dwyn's /bad/ changes, without anything more than small proofs and a general bad feeling. dismissing it completely as jealousy burned me. tristan's getting distant, and dwyn's becoming a shadow and they DON'T NOTICE! grr. that scares me. especially since of the fab 4 they're best friends (and close enough for benefits). weylan brings to mind the harry potter 'poisoned honey' description of the DADA book 5 (female) teacher. what's oisin think? he's...apparantly a lot more important to the sidhe than i thought.

tristan's really funny when he's drunk. 'lie down,' huh? what with weylan playing lucifer and kier disappearing, i'm really curious about the concert conversation. and kier. definately kier. tristan's bit about live music being all the rage in the borderland, but different recorded, was interesting. i'd like to visit ruby's house.

bands: 'dir en grey' or 'plastic tree.' because you like them. never seen/heard pt, and i'm only familiar with deg's video for 'cube,' so don't hurt me. i heart gackt.

there are some random typos (ex. 'bachaler' and 'dyn') and fp's got some odd formatting, but i'm still in love. update soon? please?
10/27/2003 c3 18Dark Pegasus
You do pretty well at your craft. I like how the story is written. Can't wait for you to continue. Thanx for reviewing my story.
10/26/2003 c2 newtypeshadow
you have some great lines in here. (a few) favs...

'...sign of deep devotion. Or inherent sadism. I'm not sure which.' the part about evolution as shown by sidhe and human numbers and heroes :snicker: i agree with very much. it's like the 'famous last words' calendar and 'darwin awards' anything.

there was a lovely monty python-esque torture scene. ("oh no! not the comfy chair!") tristan's conversations with dwyn remind me of my friends and i. and the post-naptime conversation, complete with alice refs and innuendo. ^_^ i love things like those.

i like the way technology and magic only work well on one side of the border, so all bets are off where they live. makes things much more interesting. never a dull moment in the borderlands. trying to get online would drive me insane though. ^^

i like Grim, his name, and his cat...should i wonder how jin got on his good list?

ooh, we have a clue! a scary tall dude. who's probably cute, but is way too arrogant to consider. and dwyn knows...his face. is he the same man the neighbor saw? i feel like i'm sifting through dwyn's fragmented memories. there really :isn't: anyone else like him. do update soon!

ps. if you could mail me tristan's bed, i'd be much obliged. ^_~
10/25/2003 c2 1nina-101
great story plz update soon k:)
10/23/2003 c1 newtypeshadow
...update. NOW.

hn. i might actually go read some of those now. if they've inspired this...

this is lovely. and highly addictive. and the mystery of dwyn is going to plague me until you've updated. what a beginning! have i told you lately that i love you?

please post again soon!
10/23/2003 c1 13Galinus
Great! Loved it!

Read and Review my stories please! Thank you!
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