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6/15/2006 c1 Adrienne Cantilina
Wow. So short, but to the point. One of the best poems I've read. : )

8/7/2005 c1 42Tortugapoet
Wow. Wonderful beyoned words. -Drea
3/23/2005 c1 95beti213
surprisingly poignant and accurate... good job and kep writing
11/18/2004 c1 186Emi Amara
Hi! Sounds very passionately written. I like it lots, well done!

8/23/2004 c1 18Tara-Poole
Very nicely written ^.^ Good, but short, but it's one of the ones that are good when short haha ^.^ Good Job! ^.^ *claps*
7/20/2004 c1 15AmberBloom
Beautiful. Truly inspiring work. Very descriptive.
6/29/2004 c1 00Anonymous00
My...that is a very very splendid job! I love the whole thing. I rarely like poems...not that I'm a good poem writer...*smiles* This piece is going to my fave list and you...hehehe you're going on my fave list too
5/8/2004 c1 15Devi Lethe
Very nice. Short but effective. Kudos to you.
3/20/2004 c1 2cinder's rose
You did a good job with the rhyming. It doesn't fight to rhyme, it just does. I like it. The first line really got me. Great job!
3/17/2004 c1 117Seras Nova
Beautiful way to describe a not always so beautiful emotion. Excellent work. Nice word choices.
1/24/2004 c1 16The-Jenna
This is awesome. Just awesome. It defines the word 'lust' so wonderfully, screw the dictionary.
1/10/2004 c1 2pinkandmelon
Nice. You didnt over word it. This is the first good poem I've read here. Keep it up.
1/7/2004 c1 92Celestial Sailor
How sweet. Through short lines have you conveyed the idea of lust in its purest form. I'm glad to see it hasn't been tainted in angst as many of the others have in this category. Perhaps you could extend this poem or write something else along the same theme? I should be sure to read it.
Nicely done.
-Celestial Sailor
10/30/2003 c1 62BloodBrother
Good rhyming, solid diction, and quite true.

Lust, very tempting yet very dangerous.
10/27/2003 c1 Winter's Roar
Hm, lots of rhyming and such. Fabulous first line, a great intro to the poem. You could make this a little longer if you wanted to, tell more of a story, tell more of your feelings, more about the other person, ect…just give it a few more details. You do a fantastic job of describing lust, you could describe everything else, the other person, the room you guys are in, what both of you are feeling, oh btw great last line too! Anyways, it was short but i really liked it! Hats off to you on a fantastic poem!

~ winter
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