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2/12/2005 c1 Out-Of-Reality
O, I really like this one too. The last line was a surprise and I like the comparison to a puzzle. I've been thinking about that all night and to see you write about it with such sadness and kind of hope made something in me click the review button. Another great piece of art!
12/4/2003 c1 47Anjeni Windsinger
Very emotional piece this one. I love the fourth stanza because it shows how much you care and want to help. Great work, very angsty.
Thanks for your review; I really appreciated it :)
12/4/2003 c1 10Rebecca Kelsey
I love it. I really like the "cut my jagged fragment" the most. thnx for your review
11/9/2003 c1 120Heather Montgomery
The last line gives a completely different meaning to the poem.. I love it. Great job! You should write some more poems!
11/7/2003 c1 54Werecat99
That was very deep and touching. Good work. And thanks for the review.
10/28/2003 c1 43One Lone Wolf
I like it...it's very real. Very to the point. I can certainly relate...Sorry, this isn't very constructive, but I really like it...
10/26/2003 c1 31xyellx
Very well written. Just lovely.
10/25/2003 c1 26esotericblood
I really liked this. It was well written, dramatic, and touching. I went through the same thing with my cousin, and I know how hard it is. If you get a chance, take a look at my stuff

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