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3/9/2006 c1 2Azarni-Chan
er...i've noticed that with your stories, some of the chapters don't show up at all.i'm new to this site (but i've been on fanfiction for about a couple of years or so) but i'm not sure if thats supposed to happen. if you could somehow contact me (preferably on ) than i would be grateful. thanks!
5/10/2004 c1 6Nighttime Wanderer
I like it, pelase read my story It Will SUrely Come To Pass ((it is about vampires))
10/1/2003 c1 6Arachnaphobia
That story was the one of the best vampire stories i ever read. I like the would modern day thing you had going.

P.s i added you to my fav. authors
6/22/2003 c1 I Am The Bunny Slayer
7/24/2001 c1 7K.H. Ivywater
Very nice story; I liked it. Added it to my favorites, and now I'm off to read the other two vampire stories that you've written.
6/15/2001 c1 Brady
::claps:: Sugoi, sugoi!
5/30/2001 c1 Azrel
Really good vampire story-Steve seems so *real*, like he's your next door neighbor or something. Very good story!
4/11/2001 c1 Kitsune
You should try to liven up the summary a bit, the only reason I read it was because you mentioned it in an author note somewhere else...but everything you write is beautiful, so that makes up for Steven Catholicness. (which I personally don't care for, being a wiccan. I try to keep an open mind) Write more! =^ . ^=
3/18/2001 c1 6Tonia Barone
Oh! *whines* Why'd ya hafta stop there? *pouts then grins, after a moment* I loved it, though! *nods* Michael reminds me of Duo, though, for some reason. *shrugs*
2/16/2001 c1 1randomtiger
What can I say? You're a talented author. Keep writing.
2/14/2001 c1 SpoonWanker
This was so kawaii! The bathroom bit was classic, Tsuki. I loved it! And I love these guys! Great job.
2/12/2001 c1 Hillary Bean
awwwwwww! wow, this was so touching! i can sympathize with "steve," although i'm not exactly centuries old...anyway, what a fabulous writing style you have. i enjoy your fanfics as well, although this just stands out! please continue writing.
1/12/2001 c1 sarah

i think that this is great! Your a wonderful writer with a great sence of humans and their behavior! kEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!


1/6/2001 c1 1Kialta Linnikette
That was really good. I loved the ending, so sweet! I hope you do more.
12/20/2000 c1 Chrysanthemum
Ooooh! I like! And I love Steve to death; he's such an interesting character. I'd love to hear more about him; his past, how he met Sean, etc. Sequel? ::hopeful look::


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