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11/22/2008 c1 71Subbie
HI! I just saw your summary and wanted to let you know that there were a few spelling mistakes in it... So here's the right summary without spelling mistakes:

After a massive war between two worlds, Earth was left in hell, but is now rebuilt, with the exception of a few places. Now, the same two sides are being disrupted, could this be the end of all angels, demons and humans?

Anyways, good writing to yous!

7/23/2006 c21 Bubble
you have a very perverse mind...and that's what I like about this story ;]This is a very interesting story.I love every character alot.Haha you so know that Gemini likes all the attention and action he's getting from Sarus ;]Lovely, lovely aha.Anyway, you should update ya know?Would be very pleasing :D
5/25/2006 c1 KenyakoDivination
To Mogoyto: So what? I make one spelling mistake in an entire chapter and you nit pick that one? You thought you'd just send a review with nothing even remotely interesting to say? Who cares, get a hobby.
5/18/2006 c21 Mogoyto
Err..err did you know that you spelled "acception" wrong in your summary? ^_^;; it's supposed to be "exception" if you are talking about excluding the places of Earth that are rebuilt in Hell.
1/13/2006 c21 Nickel Xenon
This is an awesome story and it's very well-written. I can't wait for an update! Oh, and I love the smut!
8/18/2005 c2 dtcnp
hi u dont know me but i admire u ur story was so good so i sent a chapter to my friend she loves it LOL .im sorry i know i shoudl of asked b4peaze dont h8 me keep on righting my english is a li shabby lol je suis vraiment desoler bye
7/21/2005 c21 5Jenimi
oh my god, i've spent the last 6 hours reading your story, like wow! i cant wait for your next chapter so please update soon. man i'm new to this site and i feel way out of my legaue, your story is so amazing keep it up!
5/1/2005 c21 7Profiterole
I finally found the time to read this story and it was really worth it! I spend way too much time reading fanfiction, I should dedicate more time to original stories. lol

I love everything about your story. The characters are all great, with their own personalities and abilities. The storyline is really interesting. The lemons are imaginative. ;-) And your writing style is just wonderful.

I love the relationship between Kaisuke and Valamir (eh, eh, I can't resist a sexy vampire), and I like how the real Isadora approves of their love. But my favourite couple is definitely Aku / Nori. I was sad when Sarus was controlling Vincent, but Aku's dream world was a great idea. Besides, it enabled Nori to become closer to Aku. You've really managed to develop their relationship from a simple attraction to a true love story.

I hope you'll continue this story and post the next chapter very soon. I can't wait to read it!
4/11/2005 c1 90poetic abortion
XD!~* Noelle *~!
4/10/2005 c13 poetic abortion

!~* Noelle *~!
2/9/2005 c21 2Shimisaki-kun
I wanna have the chibi's! !

Oh, and update! Your story is superd! I luv it. And I want Altheus and Desmond (?) [did I spell the names correct?] to GET IT ON!

You can also write more lemons about Saurus and Gemeni and Nori and Aku, they're all so cute! (Val and Kai are, too, but they just got one ^^)

please give the the chibi's! I wanna se! *looks up at you with teary eyes* pwease? /Tadashi Shimisaki
2/4/2005 c1 15animequeen411
great story
12/16/2004 c21 Olena
Hey, sorry it took a while to review this. Me laptop's out of order right now (Nina sorta threw up all over it -_-;;), so I won't be able to talk to ya for a while. Anyway, I'm not here to bitch, I'm here to congratulate you on another wonderful chap^^ That lemon was most delicious *drool drool* I loves Val and Kai together almost as much as I love Aku and Nori... tho we all know Sarus and Gem kick some major ass! Speaking of which... *gropes Gem's ass a few times and runs off into sunset* MUAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!
12/11/2004 c21 5leib
yay, you updated! Great chapter! lemon! ~_~ come on, more Sarus! ^^;

What's gonna happen next? me wanna know! and poor Valamir... *glomps Val hard*
12/4/2004 c16 90poetic abortion
It was soo cute ! X3 I love this. I love this. I love this. Did I mention I love this ? @ ^*^ So very cute ! @ I love this !
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