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9/30/2012 c36 AnonymousReads
I know it has been a while but you should finish this story its practically done anyways so if you want you could write just a short epilogue if you wanted to at least pm me what the ending would most likely be. Please. Great story. :)
9/28/2005 c36 Essie
I liked the confusion in the last part ... It adds to suspense.

However, when's the epilogue/final chapter coming out? I think it'll help to wrap things up very well.
4/24/2005 c1 Charleen
hey the story is "firebird" by jc jaquez, its soo good. btw nice "ulysses style" chapter, i hope its not the end though, seems abrupt.
4/18/2005 c36 jany
hey.. i liked this story... ididnt liek the beginning but it was really good after a coupel of chapters...
4/18/2005 c22 Jany
hey.. i didnt like the beginnign very much,... it was too cliched.. but a friend shad told me it was good so i kept reading... and i like it now... its cool
4/18/2005 c3 10Jaz108
i jsut wondered. .how the * did she get th eknife with her in the plane? and how did her dad come with them to the waiting area? theyve got shit load of security in air ports..
4/18/2005 c1 Jaz108
heey! wots wrong wid swedish accents? u didnt even get it right... (½ swedish!) apart from that the story seems ok.. so far..
4/16/2005 c36 1Madcow13
I enjoyed the story, though it was rather rushed at the end and I don't really understand what happened and I think a lot of people are with me on that. Perhaps you could alter it to make it easierr to understand, or give us an author's note explaining or something.
4/8/2005 c36 less injured
okay, that was great... and made absolutely NO SENSE. i understand that you were trying to create a mood and all, but it's impossible to even tell what's going on. i really hope this wasn't meant to be the end. if it was, please leave an author's note or something.this was a really good story, though.and the "tarzan meets abercrombie" thing... i love that. :)
4/7/2005 c36 18pinkfluffyoranges
well this story was really good up until the ending i have absolutely no idea what happend. and its drivng me nuts as i was really into the story! plz could u send me and email explaing the ending?
3/31/2005 c36 4DeliciousAmbiguity
Is it the end? It can't be! Hope you'll conitnue
3/30/2005 c35 2The Pretenders
I love this story! *Dances around* It just keeps getting cooler and cooler! I love this! Hahaha. I can't wait until the next instalment! Don't keep me hanging ^_^
3/28/2005 c36 5kriz-te
Is this the last chapter? Please say it isn't so!

Because I just read this whole story and I love it. I was about to roll my eyes maybe two chapters in cuz I thought is was going to be a typical "get shipwreaked, fall in love w/the last person you expected to, get rescued, yea!" type stories, but I am SOO glad I listened to you authors notes and kept reading! It seems to me like this chapter COULD be the end, but there's so much more you could wrap up so I'm hoping there's more after all.

Bottom line of this review is...please update soon! :P
3/28/2005 c25 6Sabeline Malenfant
Hello? Check the house for a telephone?
3/26/2005 c36 49Endowment's Seraph
whoa. that was fast. heh. this is great. was that the end? cuz if it was i found it a little unclear. but that might be just me, heh heh. well write more soon~Mel
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