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11/23/2003 c9 pixiebelle
woww! bigass twist in your storyline there. how freagen cool. this is absolutely awesome. ohh maan. this is so great. and the 'tarzan meets abercrombie.' part was the best thing in the world. i died laughing. (kay.. it was pretend dying). anywayz. great job. write more asap. bye.
11/23/2003 c9 25ConfigurationSpace
-jaw drops- Your story kicks so much ass. I love Trent, and I love Dusty, and I love Caroline most of all just cause she's that oblivious and dumb and cool at the same time! Dusty's the coolest main character you could have put for the story though, and Trent... Well, Trent's interesting... o.O
11/10/2003 c7 11Never Knows Best
damned coconuts. Trent's pretty funny. Can't wait to read more ^^!
11/9/2003 c7 7Lightness
heeya! coconuts cudnt possibly be THAT hard could they? i dunno but that was kinda funny. your story is going great. id really like to know where you go with this (cuz you said that 'not all is what it seems. dum dum dum.') soo yea. write more soon.

and thanks much for reviewing my story. it was muchly loved. kay, buh byee.
11/7/2003 c5 11Never Knows Best
Ack! How could anyone stand being stranded on an island with a couple of idiots. I give it a week before Dusty shoots everyone. Of course...that would require a gun...hm Well anyway, I really love the story so far and I can't wait to read more! You've made being stranded on an island sound more interesting that would be expected. Reminds me of the Swiss family Robinson..only...not lame.

Hated that book.

Keep it up!

~*The moonlight Sage*~
11/1/2003 c5 7Lightness
ya know, its absolutely amazing how you manage to show the entire human race's stupidity thru two people. its wonderful. great great chapter. do write more soon.
10/30/2003 c4 Anna
this is awesome alyssa! :) i cant wait til you get out the next chapter! ill be checking for it!
10/30/2003 c4 17Lady of romance world88
Hey! Keep update soon. I can't wait to see what happened in next chapter. Plz hurry update it. I promise to be patient. Plz check out my story
10/28/2003 c3 Anna
Hey girl You know I love you're writing. I told you all that at camp. As far as improving, check again for a couple grammatical errors and left-out words. I don't understand the title but thats the best sometimes you know. The first chapter and beginning of second were interesting but I really didnt have any idea of where the story was going; the theme didn't seem to be developing as far as I could see. I really love your style of writing. Fragments can be very good tools in short stories when used like you have used them. The only disappointment I had was at the end: like, they live through the hi-jacking and swim 2 miles to a deserted island. My first thought-honestly-"how typical" I was waiting for some twist...maybe something about her dad's phone call relating to the hi-jacking or i dont know. The island at the end though could be replaced with something more creative cause girl you have the creativity! I love it ALyssa
10/27/2003 c3 7Lightness
yayy! you gotted the next chappie up. thas good. now its not THAT much of a cliffhanger anymore. hehe. great job kid. and yes. i have to agree. your dusty character kicksass. keep writing. have a nice day.
10/27/2003 c2 Lightness
oh. its the same chapter. (sigh). man. cliffhangers are NOT cool for the little reading people. do come out with the next chapter really soon.
10/27/2003 c1 Lightness
oohmygosh! this is great. very nicely written. i absolutely love all the sarcasmness. its great. your character is very nicly developed. and i also liked the part about the scateboard. haha. that was fun. kay im gonna move on now. :).
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