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3/26/2005 c35 2NomadicWriter
Okay i love your story but that last chapter didnt get through to me - im kinda confused but hoping that you will make the next chapter a bit longer, Can't wait.-Kate xoxo
3/16/2005 c32 6puuuurfect angel
Argh, update! You said you wanted to be done by the end of Jan, it's middle of March now, you're a bit late, dearest. And keep in mind that as soon as you're done with this, you get to move on to your next story!
2/17/2005 c33 puuuurfect angel
Interesting. It's so sweet that Trent forgives her. Really. I can't wait until you update again and let us know what's going to happen next!
2/6/2005 c33 2NomadicWriter
I finished reading it lol! its the end of january *cries* and you havent updated since the end of december, i hope your ok and everything is alright and i hope that you can update your story as soon as you can because i am in love with it and am extremly intrigued to read more and find out what happens next ive been practically been reading it all afternoon and have finished and am like NO i want more lol yes i am being very selfish but hey i love it - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon.-Kate xoxo
2/5/2005 c9 NomadicWriter
I love your story so far - im on chapter 9 at the moment and im working my way up its great and i find it funny because Im from Australia - and also cause when he kissed her before they jumped reminded me from 6 days and 7 nights - love it love it love it - cant wait to see what happens.

-Kate xoxo
1/18/2005 c33 Jayyyyy
Please update soon!
1/7/2005 c33 Teri
Lys! I knew you wouldn't leave us hanging ( thank you) haha.. these last few chapters were awesome! I can't wait until you update again. SO UPDATE SOON OK?
1/3/2005 c33 1kelseypaige
Wow. Oh my gosh, you really need to update super duper soon! I'm so excited that you're going to end this at the end of this month - but also really sad cause i cant look forward to updates anymore.

~Fallen Fantasist
1/1/2005 c33 2Kieran DeMorte

GOD I missed this story! *Clings* Don't leave us!

Once again, wonderful job. I love your story -once again- and WOOT! -once again.

Any way, PLEASE update soon ^_^; I must find out what happens next!
12/31/2004 c33 49Endowment's Seraph
this is really great. I can't wait to read more. happy holidays!~Mel
12/30/2004 c32 1kelseypaige
Ah man! I loved this chapter. It was so cute. ::dreamy sigh:: hope you update oodles of soon!

~Fallen Fantasist
12/30/2004 c32 save the pixies
brilliant chapter. im soo glad that trent didnt betray dusty. i didnt think he could have... he was too fun and nice of a kid. horrible of you to make him suffer and such. sheez.so whatever did happen to caroline after the questioning?that last scene in the chapter was very very sweet. anyway. nice job. keep writing. happy early-new year.
12/22/2004 c31 25ConfigurationSpace
After reading this chapter, I thought back to the beginning of this story, and how different things have turned out compared to the way I thought they would. I had no idea I'd be in for this kind of plot when I first clicked on the link to read it quite awhile ago, but man, I'm so glad that I did. With every new chapter, something more is added to the story - Each one leaves me on my toes with my eyes opened as wide as saucers. Great job with keeping everything together, I'm glad you've decided to continue with this story!
12/21/2004 c29 12Genai the monster
*wails* why did it take so long? *pouts* I don't remember anything! I'll have to read it al over again.Oh well.You get the reviews after new year, k? I promise I'll write them, though.Unless I die during my training camp because the training will be too hard *cracks up* it won't happen :DttysGen
12/21/2004 c31 1kelseypaige
Oh my gosh. When I was sent the e-mail that you updated, I wasnt sure whether to beleive it or not! I'm so utterly excited that you updated. And these chapters have been so... wow. great.

Im trying to figure out where Trent is... that poor guy. I have no doubt in my heart that he's innocent. And Dusty... man. I really hope she's not all gross and ugly now... that would be really sad.

Anyway, I hope you finish it really soon and update!

~Fallen Fantasist
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