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7/30/2004 c27 49Endowment's Seraph
hmm, very good. can't wait to read more.
7/29/2004 c27 2The Pretenders
Muwahahahaa. Well now, that was... *interesting*.
I liked it a lot. You did a good job with the writing and I wish I had such a pretty room like that in MY house. hahaha.
Okies ~_^ byee byee
wow... it's a bit late... whoo ho. Sorry dude.
7/27/2004 c26 The Pretenders
Yet another great chapter. *Slap on the back* Keep going! I can't wait!
7/26/2004 c26 49Endowment's Seraph
very good, very cute. So why did she change her mind about the windows? hmm. can't wait to read more.
7/26/2004 c26 4OttBallOut
Nice chappie here. I'm glad you don't really have a love triangle going on here per say. I cannot wait for you to update again! Au revoir!
`~*~`Anariel Of Mirkwood`~*~`
`~*~`River Of Earth`~*~`
7/5/2004 c25 2The Pretenders
Yo! I just got from a really long trip and I was just so happy to see the new chapters! Woo hoo. I really like this chapter here. The end is so sweet.
6/29/2004 c25 7Lightness
aw. that was such an aw-ing scene.
but that whole house thing was really random. whered it come from. how could they really not have noticed it.
and why did the bad people kidnap the dad? doesnt their business only involve dusty? or are they plotting another one of those surrender-to-save-your-loved-one thing?
6/27/2004 c25 Mark Anthony
That really was worth the wait, Lyssa. Great job! I'm feelin the whole house thing, I don't think I've read your story at such a blinding speed so far as when you're discribing the house, it was like I was as excited as they were. At the same time you made it so incredibly perfect that i couldn't help but feel eerieness oozing from every corner. I'm also tempted to see Benny & Joon now more than ever. And Lastly, I hate to admit it but the 'sha' scene at the end was really touching. I can't wait to see what happens next, that chapter was too perfect so something awesome must be coming. Write fast and awesome job once again.
6/27/2004 c25 char
hello miss alyss! i just got back from smart camp...and im sure mark has much to tell you about my supposed 'hot and heavy romance' at camp. so there. all about me. anyways the story is going along great..and i really DO feel all girly and pathetic now. congrats! well youd better update soon with caroline's comments on this whole thing. ill review as soon as i come back from thailand k?
6/22/2004 c25 4OttBallOut
Very nice chappie. Interesting that no one had arrived in those hours that they were spending there. I can only assume for now... HEH HEH HEH... Any idea how much longer this is going to go? Just curious. Can't wait 2 c how it goes! Wit summer u may (or may not)have more time to write but only time will tell. Keep on goin!
`~*~`Anariel of Mirkwood`~*~`
`~*~`River of Earth`~*~`
6/22/2004 c25 49Endowment's Seraph
haha. this was so worht the wait. I can't wait to read more, it was so sweet. you must write more soon and as for hugging someone, there's no one here but my sister and that would be weird. so yeah. I'll pass on the hugging.
6/22/2004 c25 Teri
omg! This story great! That whole 2 paragraph long kiss thing... *melts* . Write more soon or i think i will die (or not but that makes it more dramatic...so write) haha. Good Job so far.
6/22/2004 c25 6puuuurfect angel
God! I had to wait 20 mins or so to be allowed to leave this review! Anyways, tha's a freaky house! But a really good chap! They're finally together! I've been waiting for this moment since like chapter 5! (possibly not actually chap 5 itself, but you get the idea). And I hugged someone I love last night, does that count? lol. Anyways, nice chap and update again soon!
6/21/2004 c25 12Genai the monster
how sweet! ok now this shows that I really have to read the story over again.
I love this it's great.
plot's being revealed...oh!
6/18/2004 c24 49Endowment's Seraph
oh, this is really great. I can't wait for the next chapter.
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